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Youth Pilgrimage to Rome 2017

23-27th Oct 2017 twenty youth (16 teenagers and 4 young adults) went on a parish youth pilgrimage to Rome, led by our parish priest and 3 other adults.  Fr Dylan lived nearly 3 years in Rome and gave us an inside knowledge of transport and places.  He plans to lead a similar pilgrimage for older parishioners in due course 

Guide Information about the some of the sites we visited can be seen at our GoogleDrive here

Why Rome?

4 religious reasons for a Catholic:

•          Pope

•          Martyrs

•          Famous churches

•          Beautiful religious art

4 other reasons to visit:

•          Ruins of Ancient Rome

•          Monuments of Renaissance Rome

•          Glamour of modern Rome

•          Food (pizza and ice cream)


What will we see?

(1) Churches:

•          Papal Audience -see Pope Francis!

•          Mass at St Peter’s, in Grotto

•          St Peter’s Basilica:

The Confessio

Bones of St Peter

Pater and the Credo at St Peter’s tomb

Tomb of Pope John Paul II

The Statue of St Peter      

The Pieta

Monument to (English) Stuart Kings

•          St Paul’s Outside the Walls 

•          St John Lateran:




•          Scala Santa (a decade of the Rosary)

•          St Mary Major

•          The English College


(2) Ancient Rome:

•          Catacombs of St Callistus

•          Circus Maximus,

•          Colosseum

•          Arch of Constantine

•          Roman Forum ruins:

The Temple of Venus and of Rome; The Via Sacra; The Arch of Titus; The Basilica of Maxentius & Constantine; The House of the Vestal Virgins; The Temple of Vesta; The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina; The Temple of Castor and Pollux; The basilica of Ss Cosmas & Damian (apse and excavations view); The Column of Phocas; Senate (Curia Julia); The Temple of Saturn; The Temple of Vespasian and Titus; Arch of Septimius Severus;

•          The Mamertine Prison (held Sts Peter & Paul)

•          Trajian’s Column, Forum, Market


(3) Secular Rome:

•          Gianicolo hill for view of Rome

•          Vatican Museum:

            Sistine Chapel

            Raphael Room –school of Athens

•          Obelisks        

•          Piazza Venezia

•          Castel S. Angelo (view from outside)

•          Ponte S. Angelo [bridge]

•          Piazza Navona & Church of St. Agnes

•          Pantheon

•          The Spanish Steps

•          Via del Corso

•          Trevi Fountain

•          Governo Vecchio, Via Giulia –and other streets


Sites of the Martyrs:

•          Colosseum

•          Circus Maximus

•          Piazza Navona

•          Catacombs


•          Genuine pizza, real pasta, amazing gelato 

Cost and Practicalities

Current estimate: £600 (the cost was £500 in 2014)

Accommodation in shared rooms

Transport: public transport & private coach