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Proposed Pastoral Plan 2016-17

I'm delighted to be coming to an active parish and I'm looking for suggestions for what I need to do for you.

I’ve drafted the following pastoral plan for this coming year. At present this is very provisional and a large part of it consists of seeking to listen to parishioners to hear your suggestions and needs.

 (1) Listening & Visiting 

Visit all committee members, including:
  • SVP
  • Parochial Club /Social events
  • Finance Committee
  • Catechists 
  • Repository stall
  • Who else?

Visit and share a meal with families 
  • The Bishop has asked Fr Dylan to develop youth work so he'll start by visiting families

(2) Talks & Programs

  • New Evangelisation talk series
    • by Fr Dylan, see here
    • on Pope Francis's vision, and following the lead of our English bishops and our own Bishop
    • Oct 6th-Nov 3rd
  • Forming Intentional Disciples
    • a book reading group, here 
    • following Bishop Mark's plan, as is being used in parishes across the Diocese 
    • Nov 10th-Dec 15th

  • The Bible Timeline 8 week course
  • Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
    • see here, 18-24th May 2017  
  • Discipleship formation sessions

 (3) Groups

(a) Supporting & Learning 
Fr Dylan would like you to tell him which groups in the parish are already strong and what is already in place 
  • Youth group
    • see here
    • this was a major part of Fr Dylan’s apostolate in his previous parishes and an explicit part of his appointment by the Bishop
(b) Creating
There are a number of new groups that Fr Dylan hopes to establish in the parish:
  • A team of sacristans
    • with different people covering different days of the week
  • Men's & women's formation circles
  • A Parish Evangelisation Team (PET)
    • see here 
    • this team would serve to advise the parish priest on many aspects of parish life 
  • Early morning Mass for workers