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Alpha Team for 2019

At the 17th May 2018 post-Alpha review meeting, the following people agreed to help with future Alphas as a core 'Alpha Team':

·      Maris O’Brien

·      Maggie Spiers

·      Veronica Massey

·      Emma Brookes

·      A core team is needed for hospitality, for organisation etc



The next Alpha will be January 2019, to be advertised using the build-up to Christmas 2018

Goal: many, frequent Alpha courses, so there will always be something to invite someone to



By having many, frequent, Alpha courses, we would expect each one to have small attendance 

Alpha running in a home would fit this model

Home-based Alphas are the original model, c.f. Nicky Gumbel: 'Alpha is friends inviting friends' 


Alpha or Sycamore?

Sycamore is going to be used June 2018

Depending of group reactions, we might use the Sycamore course in January 2019, but with the same Alpha-target

Sycamore is a Catholic course, developed by Fr Stephen Wang

Sycamore is more discussion-structured and also more Catholic in focus 


Another option: We might run a shorter Alpha, I.e the first 5 sessions, the ‘compulsory’ part of Alpha