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Just as food nourishes the body, worship nourishes the soul.

True worship of God is born

 out of the new heart given by Him,

a hunger for Him,

gratitude toward Him,

sacrifice and obedience to Him

and utter awe of Him.

We praise and worship Him because of who He is, and what He has done and is doing for us and others.

Each time we worship God,

He, in turn, fills us with a measure of

Peace, Love, Joy, Comfort,

Strength, Hope, Mercy,

Faith, Healing, Wisdom ...



·        The Gospel of John Chapter 4, verses 23-24,    tells us that Jesus Christ Himself said:

"The time is coming – indeed it’s here now – when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.  The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way.

For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

 WHEN? …“The time is… here now

o   Now, every moment of every day IS the time to worship God.

 WHAT? …“The time [is here now]…

      for true worship

o   Not hypocritical, empty, false or shallow worship,

o   But true, honest, sincere, genuine, heart-felt worship.

 ·                WHO? - “The time [is here] when

                                  true worshipers

will worship the Father

o      Not our problems, possessions, money, family, friends, country, job, home, nature, self or hobbies,

o      But worship our Heavenly Father, the One True God.

 ·                WHY? – “The time is here when

true worshipers will worship the Father

...For God is Spirit…”

o  Just as our body needs to exercise  and be regularly nourished by food, rest, and sunshine;

o  And our mind needs to exercise and be nourished by mental challenges, stimulation, discipline, inspiration, and focus;

o   Our spirit needs exercise through worship and nourishment through connection with the life-giving source of  God’s Spirit.

·      HOW?  The time is here when true

                    worshipers will worship the Father...

in spirit and in truth. 

The Father is looking for those

who will worship him that way.”

          by Marilyn DiGennaro, Worship Leader

Faithfully raised in Victoria Tabernacle Assembly of God Church in Kansas City, Kansas (1954 - 1974).  As a teenager, I was pianist and accompanist for church and youth services and sang in  choir.  It was in Victoria Tabernacle that I fell in love with music and my spiritual walk was highly impacted by music.

I attended Evangel College, in Springfield, Missouri,
married in 1974 and moved to New Jersey, where we raised our 4 children and attended Kingsway Assembly of God in Cherry Hill, NJ (1974 - 2000).  While at Kingsway, I
played piano for services and special events, sang in the choir, played in the hand bell choir; and served as interim music director (1998-2000).  I also served in nursery and Sunday School, taught a Missionette girls' group, Vacation Bible School, and assisted in children's church.       READ MORE

April, 10 2011

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