A Message From Our Pastor


The weather this winter has been very unpredictable, as it is most winters.  This year we have had record cold and set records for the warmest days as well.  As I have been thinking, about the Lenten Journey, I have been pondering that for me and others it is a lot like the winter weather-  many experience the highs and the lows! Honestly, if we don't journey to the cross through the valley, we can't make it to the mountain and become the Easter people Christ calls us to be. 

What will this year's Lenten season be for you?  Are you willing to do anything different?  I like to challenge people to take on something out of routine rather than give up something.  Can you help someone in need?  Can you visit someone who sits alone each day?  Are you willing to clean your closet and give the shirt that still has the tag on it to a person who really needs it?

I encourage you to think about it, ponder on it, and ask yourself some tough questions.  In a few weeks, on March 1, Lent begins.  We hope to see you at our service that night beginning  with a lite meal at 6:30 and an informal service at 7:00 with the imposition of ashes(only if you choose to have them).

Together on the journey!


Pastor Debbe