Prophecies of Hope Series

Endless wars, school shootings, racial violence, and senseless killing around the world dominate the news. World leaders promise solutions to these problems, but consistently fall short. How can we live with hope in such a hopeless world? Prophecies found in the books of Daniel and Revelation speak in great detail about the world we live in today and the hope that can be found in our future.

Robert Martinez has taught Bible prophecy throughout the US and Central and South America. He has a Masters of Divinity degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He has taught college courses, including courses in world religions and the history of religion in America. He has a deep knowledge of Bible theology and prophecy and has a gift for making complicated theology easy to understand.

11 Apr 2015; Prophecy's Final Countdown

12 Apr 2015; A World In Chaos

14 Apr 2015; Hope Revealed

15 Apr 2015; Prophecy's World Ruler

17 Apr 2015; Revelation's Day of Hope

18 Apr 2015; History's Greatest Cover up

19 Apr 2015; Revelation's Secret to a Whole New Life

21 Apr 2015; Revelation's Glorious Rapture

22 April 2015; Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions

24 Apr 2015; Revelation's Mysterious 1,000 Years Unsealed

25 Apr 2015; The Mark of the Beast Exposed

25 Apr 2015; Babylon and the Beast

02 May 2015; The United States in Bible Prophecy

06 May 2015; Revelation's Prophetc Movement

09 May 2015; Revelation's World of Tomorrow