West Michigan TT

the virtual gathering place for Audi TT aficionados in West Michigan 

Welcome to the homepage
of West Michigan TT.

This group was formed to unite TT owners and celebrate one of the most admired and imitated cars of recent years, the Audi TT.

So, you found a card
on your TT!

It was placed by another TT owner, or friend of one, who would like to encourage you to join our fledgling West Michigan TT group.


Why not? Besides the benefits of sharing experiences with local repair shops, mods, general TT experiences, etc., it could be fun to just get together. It could be fun to have informal get togethers every so often . . . meet for dinner, cruise along the lakeshore, car detailing, attend Audi driving schools, or drive to annual meet-ups such as TT Midwest or TT East.

We're not nuts ...

We just really like the TT. Email us!

Click here to send an email!

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for parts:
Modshack TTuned
Valentine Radar Detectors


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Have a favorite car related website? Send it in so it can be added
to the list