WMLC Lean Model

Large manufacturing organizations have been achieving productivity improvements for decades using what are commonly know as lean manufacturing techniques. Much less publicized, however, is the extent to which a medium sized firm can deploy lean techniques to optimize their operations.

As a medium sized contract metal fabrication & signage provider located in Ottawa County, Michigan, WMLC knows first hand how powerful lean principles can be for reducing costs and improving safety, quality and process velocity.

How We Succeed

WMLC’s leadership team believes it is of critical importance to relentlessly improve efficiencies in underlying manufacturing and transactional processes. As such, we have adopted a combination of practices, policies and philosophies that stress waste elimination, implementation of pull systems, establishment of standard work processes, and a safety-oriented, collaboration-driven business culture.
WMLC is proud to boast a 99.5% on-time job completion and less than 1% external quality rejects. 
Though WMLC may not be the largest metal fabricator or signage provider in the US, through aggressive deployment lean manufacturing techniques and uncompromising focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we intend to be the best.


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