unless you want one.

Before you make one of your biggest purchases, call to have it evaluated and I will help prevent you from throwing money down the drain.

My job is to thoroughly evaluate the property you are considering buying and help you keep CASH in your pocket and not spend it on a bunch of unexpected costs after closing.

With over 30 years of buying and selling homes, I have learned the hard way that some homes are just not worth it.

I want to help you keep your money in your pocket and not throw it away on unfore seen expenses.

As a home inspector in West Michigan I have seen and lived thru many years of our changing seasons. I have seen what they do to homes and other structures.

I have been doing Home Inspections for the last 9 years and have helped many buyers who have have said to me “I don't need a Bunch of Unexpected Costs after closing!” and I can prevent that from happening to you.

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