Our Club

Club Sessions

West Linton Tennis Club offers opportunities for players at all levels to meet up and enjoy a game of tennis with other members.

Come and join us at any of the two scheduled club sessions for adults and stronger junior players:

Thursday evenings - 7.30 p.m. onwards

Saturday mornings - 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

All members are encouraged to turn up for these sessions. Play will usually be in doubles' teams, allowing the greatest numbers of players to be on court at any one time.

Social events

West Linton Tennis Club also has an ethos of being a social club, and this is certainly a quality we are proud of!

Apart from social tennis events like American Tennis Tournaments with BBQs or social mixed double competitions, the club organises every year, an annual Christmas dinner for members, partners and friends at the superb local restaurant of the Old Bakehouse (

Tradition has it that it is during the Christmas dinner that the President recaps the year, presents any prizes (if we did manage to complete the competitions by then) and encourages all to enjoy the evening!  

West Linton Tennis Club is a members' club but welcomes guests and visitors to our courts. With a continuously growing membership, it is sometimes difficult to know who is a member, so please wear the provided membership tags visibly, and you may avoid being asked the same question too many times. At the same time, the Committee does encourage members to assist in applying the membership rules, and making sure that all players on the courts are members or fee paying guests/visitors.

Don't be embarrassed to ask, it is your club.

Club guidelines

Court etiquette

This is the correct procedure to follow if the courts are full and someone is waiting to play.

The courts should be yielded in rotation at the completion of the set or after 20 minutes, whichever event occurs first.

So the players who have been playing the longest, should come off first and then wait, along with any other members for the next available court – which would be given up after 20 minutes or completion of the set by the people who have then been playing the longest, and so on. So, if anyone is waiting please follow this format and be ready to give up your court at the right time. This way, no one should have to wait more than 20 minutes to get on/back on court; except in the rare event of more than 3 groups of people waiting to play.

Court access

Access to the courts have been secured by an installed combination padlock. New codes are issued to all members by email fairly frequently, and the Committee would kindly request that all members ensure that these codes not be shared with non-members as well as respecting that club membership is requirement to play on the courts unless a paying guest visitor of a member or a walk-in (settled with Shaz, the newsagents in the village), or by approval of the committee as part of a scheduled event.

- To unlock the padlock, enter the provided padlock combination code, and push down on the padlock "loop" and it will pop open.
(good practice after having unlocked the padlock is to turn the number dials)

- To lock the padlock (when leaving the courts as last members on), please make sure that the numbers on the dials have been turned (no longer showing the combination code) as this is the only way in which the padlock will lock.

Visitor's and guest's fees

Visitors are more than welcome to make use of the tennis courts at West Linton for a modest fee.

Guests of members are charged £4 per guest per day.

Visitors are charged £10 per hour per court.

Fess are payable to the club and to be left with Shaz at Bells Newsagents in the village. Please complete the visitor sheet at Shaz's with details of guests and/or visitors to ensure that the appropriate club insurance can be extended to guests and/or visitors.

In most circumstances, Shaz will have been informed if the courts are in use for an event, competition or matchplay, and therefore not available for hire. If you do however find that the courts are busy after having paid for them, and no official matches are being played, please do advise the playing members that you are visitors (fully paid up), and one court should be made available for your immediate use. Shaz will have provided you with the key to access the courts, so there should be no question of your use of court priority.

Court equipment

Members of the club should also be aware that West Linton Tennis Club does have a tennis ball machine available for use by the members. Should anyone be interested, please get in touch with any of the committee members (contact numbers available at the club house), and time and availability permitting, arrangements may be made for a committee member to help set the ball machine and provide a quick instruction on how to use it.