Oral Sex (Blow Job)

One sexual activity to that two men can do together is oral sex, although
not everyone does it or likes it. There are certain sexual health risks with
oral sex so it’s important that you know this information and also
important that you are not pressured into doing
anything that you don’t want to do.

A small number of men with HIV got it from oral sex but most men with
HIV got it from anal sex without a condom. It is thought that most guys
who have got HIV from oral sex got cum in their mouths whilst giving
oral sex to a guy with HIV.

HIV is in the cum and precum of men with HIV. Used properly a
condom can stop HIV and other STI’s like gonorrhoea and syphilis
being passed on during oral sex. Some men use condoms, particularly
flavoured ones, to stop cum or precum getting into their mouths.

If you decide not to use condoms during oral 
sex you can reduce the risks by 

• Not getting cum in your mouth
• Not doing it when you have a throat infection 
(even if it’s not sore)
• Not giving oral sex when you have bleeding gums
 or have had dental work in the last couple of weeks
• Doing it fewer times with fewer men.
Can HIV be transmitted through oral sex? 
The short answer is yes. But the risk is lower than
 some other sexual activities. 

Recent surveys have shown that only a small minority of new cases
of HIV that are diagnosed are due to oral sex. Although HIV is present
in vaginal fluids, semen and the clear fluid that your penis produces for
lubrication before orgasm, it is unlikely these will come into contact
with your bloodstream during oral sex. 
But while it’s unlikely, it’s not impossible.

The risk factor is largely due to your oral hygiene. If you have ulcers, 
dental bleeding or lacerations then theoretically the infection could
reach your bloodstream. However, saliva has enzymes that inhibit
transmission and the cells in the mouth aren’t very absorbent, 
so the chance of transmission is low.

Ways to lower the risk
If you’re performing oral sex on a man then you could:

avoid getting semen in your mouth
use a condom
have oral sex with fewer men.
look after your oral hygiene.
Do not have oral sex when you have a throat
infection or have bleeding gums.

If you’re performing oral sex on a woman then you could:

use a barrier such as cling-film, a dental dam, a Femidom
or a sheet cut from a condom
have oral sex with fewer women
look after your oral hygiene.
You should avoid oral sex when a woman is having her period.

Other infections
There are other sexually transmitted infections that are transmitted
much more easily by oral sex. Herpes, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea can
all be transmitted in this way, so it is worth looking at your oral sex
practices as part of a healthy sex life.