Having a hard time?
School should be a happy time but for many young
gay men it can be very difficult.

Check out these tips on how to cope if you are being bullied





What is Bullying?
Bullying takes 3 main forms:– 

Physical – pushing, hitting, kicking and punching

Verbal – teasing and name calling

Indirect – exclusion, spreading rumours, and texts or emails

Bullying can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. You may be being 

bullied and not even realise it. Whatever you do don’t ignore it – your

school or college will have an anti bullying policy and although you

may be scared to report it, if you don’t it will get worse.

Why do people bully?

Bullies don’t tend to have good friendships, often people are friends

with bullies because they are too scared not to be. 

Sometimes bullies bully to take attention away from themselves, 

maybe they are being bullied at home.

To have a sense of power, or at least they think its power but in

fact they are usually just manipulating people.

Tips and advice

People are often bullied for being gay. If this is happening to you here

are a few tips on how to deal with the situation.

It may sound impossible but try and ignore the bully. If you don’t react

(which is what they want you to do) they will get bored and move on.

Stick with your friends, If you are in a group it wont be as

easy for the bully to single you out.

Be confident, rise above it. You haven’t done anything wrong.

The bully is the one with the problem. If they have nothing better

to do than spend all their time trying to make you feel bad 

what kind of life have they got?

Tell someone that you are being bullied. Most people have been picked

on at some point in their lives they may have good advice

and be able to support you.