Sex Information
It is perfectly natural to be thinking about
sex when you are coming out.
First times

The first time you have sex is an important time in your life so it's
best to make sure it feels right and that you really want it.

You may or may not be thinking about having sex. It is perfectly natural
when you are coming to terms with your sexuality to think about sex.
You might be thinking that everyone around you is having sex, this is
often not the case. You will know when the time is right to have sex.

You will probably have heard quite a few things about what gay men
do in bed together. It's important to remember that sex can be whatever
you want it to be, from masturbating with another man to kissing, 
massage, hugging, oral sex, anal sex or anything else that appeals -
as long as you both want to do it.

It's a big decision to have sex for the first time. It is perfectly natural to
be nervous, Just take your time and talk to your partner about what you
want and don't want. Talking about sex before you have it makes
it easier. It is also important to talk about safer sex. Do not rely on
your partner to have a condom, always carry some with you.

It is a regular assumption that the only thing two men can do in bed is
have anal sex, this is not the case, although anal sex carries the greatest
risk of contracting HIV if you do not wear a condom. 
Also the more men you have sex with , the more likely
it is that you will come into contact with HIV.

Safer sex does not equal boring sex. It is something that you need
to negotiate with your partner. Make sure that you are doing
what you want to do and the sex will always be better.