Welcome to Sydney Australia Nightlife Gay Scene

The Clarence Petersham

When Manacle closed at the end of 2006, this iconic bar beloved of rubber, leather and uniform fetishists and regular Joes was mourned. 

But the chain spiderweb is swinging again, this time from the rafters of Petersham's Clarence Hotel. The boys behind one of the few 

gay-owned/operated venues in Sydney, Stuart Fraser and Andrew Clarke, have had positive feedback on the venue now running as both the

 Outbar and Manacle. It features jelly wrestling, Mr Leather competitions and a range of beautifully bent nights. "The advantage of being 

freehold is that every improvement we make is there for the long term, which ultimately benefits our community," says Fraser. 
The Clarence 450 Parramatta Rd, Petersham 2049 (02 9560 1488)

Dolphins Parramatta

Twice a month, Parramatta Golf Club tucks its balls between its legs to become the queer jewel in the West's best clubbing tiara. DJ Rita 

has been at Dolphins for 13 years, making it one of the longest running sets in town. In between camp classics, the wild wench of the west, 

Beverly Buttercup, dishes up dirty westie drag with the Dolphin dancers. "We pull a great lesbian crowd," says Bev. "Around 80 per cent of 

our punters are gay women." Beverly says it's very community-based and "more of a catch-up with people you know. It's tight-knit - one of 

the few places where ‘Nutbush City Limits' still goes down a treat." Great to see these girls so devoted to the 'bush. 
DolphinsParkes St, Parramatta 2150 (02 9635 6633) 

Heaven Parramatta

Take a Blue Light Disco, get rid of the teens and fill it with adult homos and -poof! - you're in heaven. Gay men, lesbians, drag queens, 

bi-sexuals and trannies gather for a ‘ho'-down to Top 40. DJs Joel and Jeff warm up the house with Bananarama and Culture Club for 80s 

devotees on the dance floor. While Heaven has enjoyed a great run at Rosehill Bowling Club, there's talk of a move to another west-centric 

venue in 2009, where the gay westie pennant will continue to flap with pride. 
Heaven Rosehill Bowling Club, Cnr James Ruse Drv & Hassall St, Parramatta 2150. (02 9635 4455)

Aarows Rydalmere

While most sex-on-premises venues in Sydney adhere to a man-on-man policy, Aarows is a bit of a cream assortment when it comes to the 

sort of trade it attracts. Don't be thrown by drag queens, lesbians, and straight couples wandering the place. Our source told us he was thrown

for a six when he found a woman on the receiving end of a glory hole he had just ‘filled'. Well, that's one way to get your lady-cherry popped. 

This three-level swingers club cum queer sex joint also attracts straight truckers, 

to fulfill BJ and the Bear fantasies for gay boys and mother-truckers alike. 
Aarows17 Bridge St, Rydalmere (02 9638 0553)