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Up a narrow, creaking staircase is this fantasy land inspired by a New Orleans bordello - all dim lighting, red velvet, purple lights, tassels and beads. In a separate area,...

Şehit Muhtar Mahallesi

Bigudi Pub

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Lipstick chic is the order of the evening at Istanbul's first lesbian bar. The terrace club is all girls; the café/pub, one floor below, is open to everyone LGBT, and friends.

Istiklal Caddesi

Çeşme Hamam

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A makeover several years ago did little to improve the forbidding appearance of this hard-to-find hamam, hidden among the backstreet hardware stores. The staff are apathetic...

Yeni Çeşme Sokak 9
Tags: Sauna

Chianti Café-Pub

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A recent addition to the ever-changing nocturnal landscape of Balohood (otherwise known as Balo Sokak), Chianti caters mainly to locals who fancy themselves as singers and...

Balo Sokak 31/2

Deja Vu


One of the few clubs with room to wander and a crowd midweek, Déjà vu is inconspicuously tucked into a side street across from a 24-hour men's health club (and, handily for...

Sadri Alışık Sokak 26/1

Durak Bar

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Turkish bears and other earthy types who won't do with the bright lights and thumping electronica of Beyoĸlu gather here in the comparatively more exotic neighbourhood of...

Muratpaşa Sokak 9

Eklektik Guest House

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This thoroughly charming guesthouse, on a quiet cul-de-sac, is popular with gay visitors, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff make everyone feel very welcome. Each of...

Kadribey Cikmazi 4


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Istanbul's only gay venue worthy of the title 'club', Love Point has a full-size dancefloor, a no riff-raff door policy, professional sound system and groovy DJs. It draws a...

Cumhuriyet Caddesi 349/1

Mon Key


Across from a backstreet lined with tranny brothels, Mon Key is unusually roomy and well-designed for a club of its kind - a pity the management didn't spend more on speakers....

Eski Yeşilcam Sokak 9/1

Other Side


What used to be Istanbul's first gay restaurant is now a club, complete with house music, go-go boys and a tiny dancefloor. It's on the fourth floor of an apartment building,...

Zambak Sokak 2/5



An after-hours club that used to mix the slightly sordid with the upmarket, Privé was the place where minor celebrities and socialites could slum in safety. In the last few...

Tarlabaşı Bulvarı 28A



Chamber of horrors or fun house? Sahra is three floors of get-it-here trannies basking in the tongue-lolling attention of young greasers, drooling hicks and aged toughs....

Sadri Alışık Sokak 42/A

Sugar Café

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Istanbul's first gay café offers smart decor, strong espresso and homemade Turkish sweets. The cafe's handy location and evening crowds make it a good starting point for a...

Sakasalim Çıkmazı

Tek Yön

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Still one of the most happening places in town, able to retain a few bears even as its new sound system, video screen and club tunes have begun packing in the clubbers, middle...

Sıraselviler Caddesi 63/1



True to its name, this is a mega club. It features a ballroom-sized chandelier, the biggest bar of the venues in this chapter and two giant beds flanking the mezzanine bar....

Caddesi Kallavi Sokak 12

Xlarge Chicos


With Xlarge filling up with a straight crowd these days, the owner has opened Xlarge Chicos, an intimate and dimly lit room.

Hüseyin Aĸa Malhallesi Küçük

Yeşildirek Hamam

Adult EntertainmentAttractions

A neighbourhood hamam across from the Azapkapı Mosque at the base of the Atatürk Bridge. As good an introduction to the bathing scene as you'll get anywhere, with the added...

Tersane Caddesi 74