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Run by owners - and hubbies - Johan and Joost, this hip hotel shines like the pages of a trendy glossy magazine. The rooms are cosy, and the breakfast area on the ground floor...

Kerkstraat 42

Amstel Taveerne

Bars & pubs

A bunch of generally older gay guys come here to drink, chat and sing along to the Dutch hits blasting from speakers and on video screens, and things go even further every...

Amstel 54


Bars & pubs

Still looking sleek and space age, ARC is well and truly established these days and continues to attract a stylish, moneyed, polysexual crowd who come to primp and pose. The...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 44



'No perfume' it says at the door. Argos, the most venerable and most famous leather bar in town, likes men to smell like men. Friendly staff, porn on a big screen, and hot...

Warmoesstraat 95

Black Tulip Hotel


Housed in a 16th-century building, this leather hotel mixes luxury with lust. Perfect for those who don't need much sleep; seven of the nine rooms come with TV, VCR and S&M...

Geldersekade 16

Café April

Bars & pubs

Although there's an odd ski-chalet theme (complete with cable car cabin), the April is at its best when the sun shines and the sexy gay crowd spills out onto the terrace....

Reguliersdwarsstraat 37



The big sign of this men-only club gets photographed daily. Inside, on the small dancefloor, shirtless muscle marys throb to the hard house from female (!) DJ Debra. It's...

Warmoesstraat 96

Coffeeshop Downtown

Restaurants & cafés

No cannabis in this coffeshop, but sandwiches, cakes, drinks and international mags. You might need the latter - as service can be slow when busy. Ah well, there's always the...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 31

Cuts 'n' Curls


Butch and basic haircuts with a sensitive side: all their shampoos and conditioners are vegan-friendly.

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 74

De Barderij

Bars & pubs

This no-frills bar attracts older gays and straight locals who all enjoy the living room-like atmosphere. Before you know it you're chatting and boozing with the unpretentious...

Zeedijk 14

De Spijker

Bars & pubs

This small boozer used to be a theatre in its previous life. Punters still liven things up and it can become rather crowded, rowdy and smokey. Its diverse clientele covers the...

Kerkstraat 4

De Taart van m'n Tante

Restaurants & cafés

'My Aunt's Cake' started life as a purveyor of over-the-top cakes (which they still make) before becoming the campest tea-room in town. In a glowing pink space filled with...

Ferdinand Bolstraat 10


Bars & pubs

Known for its reputation - sexy and friendly punters, but dirty toilets and unfriendly staff - this men-only cruise bar can get absolutely packed. The downstairs darkroom is...

Warmoesstraat 90

Entre Nous

Bars & pubs

Although it looks slightly terrifying from the outside - put that down to the blacked-out windows-- on the inside Entre Nous is actually pretty fluffy, full of younger gay guys...

Halvemaansteeg 14



Multi-levelled club with each floor dedicated to a different musical genre; choices when we visited included pop, R&B and bouncy house. There's also a popular darkroom. Women...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 42


 Critics' choice
Sport, health & fitness

A relaxed, legalised squat sauna, housed in old horses' stalls, that's popular with lesbians on women-only Mondays. It houses a sauna, steam bath, cold bath, chill-out room...

1e Schinkelstraat 14

Filmhuis Cavia

 Critics' choice

Housed in a once-squatted school above a gym, the left-of-mainstream Cavia specialises in obscure, queer and/or political pictures. You can also rent it for film parties of...

Van Hallstraat 51-52

Garlic Queen

Restaurants & cafés

Portraits of the real queen, Beatrix, smile onto the metaphorical queens - as well as a wide range of other diners - chowing down in this campy temple to the stinking rose....

Reguliersdwarsstraat 27


 Critics' choice
Bars & pubsRestaurants & cafés

Cheap, cheerful, tasty, filling. That's what the food is like at this sparkly diner at the back of the thoroughly mixed lesbian and gay lounge. On Wednesday night all burger...

Warmoesstraat 51

Golden Bear


The first gay hotel in town, the Golden Bear's rooms are spacious and comfortable, though not all have private bathrooms. Single rooms have double beds.

Kerkstraat 37



Unveiled 20 years ago, Karin Daan's three-sectioned pink triangle - symbolising past, present and future - was a world first. It's also a place to celebrate and to be proud: on...




Apart from a wide selection of new and recently publishes gay men's books, this shop also has some rare and out-of-print books, plus books in Spanish.

Spuistraat 251

ITC Hotel


Situated in a listed building on a quiet stretch of Prinsengracht convenient for the gay hot spots, the ITC Hotel has 20 charming rooms. The free internet and e-mail access,...

Prinsengracht 1051



A very stylish, gay-friendly B&B that recently moved to this location in summer 2009. Expect more of the same warm hospitality, plus huge showers, circular beds, iMacs,...

Singel 416

Le Monde

Restaurants & cafés

Breakfast, lunch or supper, the long opening hours make this cosy eaterie on the bustling central square a very handy spot for a bite.

Rembrandtplein 6


Bars & pubs

Lellebel is a tiny drag bar where the cross-dressing clientele provide all the entertainment themselves . Though most people will be found in drag, admirers and friends are...

Utrechtsestraat 4


Bars & pubs

Mankind is quiet locals' place tucked down a side-street near the Rijksmuseum and the antique shops and art galleries of Spiegelstraat. Not just an excellent stop for culture...

Weteringstraat 60

Mix Café

Bars & pubs

A total cheesefest of a bar that attracts attitude-free lesbian and gay customers, who get down and dance to the music of Kylie and the like. The alarmingly strong house drink...

Amstel 50


 Critics' choice
Bars & pubs

Queer or not - Prik is hot. Indeed, true to the bar's slogan this venue attracts a diverse crowd who enjoy its delicious snacks, groovy sounds and special events such as the...

Spuistraat 109

Queen's Head

 Critics' choice
Bars & pubs

Fun, attitude-free bar and clientele, with a great view over a canal at the back. Tuesdays is Show Night with drag acts and Thursdays is ArtLaunch café. It also hosts special...

Zeedijk 20


Bars & pubs

One of the few bars in town where black and white gay guys regularly meet and mingle, this place is always popular during the happy hour, which runs from 8.30pm to 10pm. Things...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 129

Saarein II

Bars & pubs

Never in fashion, so never out of it, this hardy perennial of the lesbian scene is particularly popular at weekends. The women it attracts tend to be slightly older, but young...

Elandstraat 119


 Critics' choice
Bars & pubsClubs

Women-friendly during the week, Sappho turns totally lez on Friday nights, as a couple of hundred gay girlies and their friends of every gender and sexuality cram in to dance...

Vijzelstraat 103


Bars & pubs

Looking like a cross between a British boozer and an English country house - complete with leather chesterfields and roaring fires - Soho attracts a young, fashionable and...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 36

Studio 80

 Critics' choice

In the middle of Rembrandtplein's neon glitz and ice cream-eating crowds lurks this ex-radio studio, a black pearl waiting to be discovered. Dirty disco, deep electronic acid...

Rembrandtplein 17


Bars & pubs

A minute's walk away from Saarein this neat lesbian bar opened its doors in 2005. Small and loungey, it attracts a slightly younger, cooler crowd than its big sister along the...

Hazenstraat 19

't Leeuwtje

Bars & pubs

In contrast to the more image-concious gay bars surrounding it, the newest café on the block is a regular ol' boozer that aims for a nice, comfortable feel: on Tuesdays there...

Reguliersdwarsstraat 105

Thermos Day

ShopsSport, health & fitness

Quite busy during the week and absolutely packed at weekends, this four-level sauna offers it all: a tiny steam room, large dry-heat room, darkroom, porn cinema, private...

Raamstraat 33

Thermos Night


Every fourth Sunday in the month, Exit becomes a women-only space. This relaxing and fun afternoon session (from 4-10pm) attracts women of all ages and types who do their thing...

Kerkstraat 58-60

Vive la Vie

Bars & pubs

The walls of this small and basic bar just off Rembrandtplein are lined with pictures of female Hollywood icons. Under the watchful gaze of Elizabeth Taylor, a varied bunch of...

Amstelstraat 7



The best international selection of rose-tinted reading, whether fiction or fact - plus CDs, DVDs, guides and the best gifts you'll find in town. It also has a second-hand...

Paleisstraat 135


Bars & pubs

The cheap booze, the sexiest bartender in town, the cheesy/classic dance tracks, the sex shop-vouchers lottery on Wednesdays, the Sunday 5pm snack afternoon; these ingredients...

Sint Jacobsstraat 6