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posted 1 Apr 2012, 14:18 by Alin Campan   [ updated 23 Apr 2012, 18:18 ]
This is the reason why i no longer distribute the Outnorthwest 
Magazines to West Lancashire College in Skelmersdale.

Ok my name is Alin Campan im a gay guy and worked as a Security Guard for Safeguard. I started work at West Lancashire College on 5 January 2012 and the College is the Client for Safeguard Security.

I got on well with all the college staff and security colleagues on the site and ive had no problems at all and really loved working at the college and its close to home as i live in Old Skelmersdale and only took me 15 minutes getting to work.

I worked at the College doing night shifts so all Wednesday, Thurday, Friday and Saturday night i worked and never got a weekend off and thats one of the issues Safeguard had as some security guard left because of that and not having a social life which i didnt mind as i dont drink and im not really into the whole club scene.

In my spare time i distribute the Outnorthwest Magazines which is published by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation and i give them out to local libraries, young people services and colleges. West Lancashire College does in fact have issues with the magazines i mean they do allow them but they dont always accept all issues as they told me not all of them are appropriate for the College thats what ive been told.

One shift when i worked at night i decided to take the magazines with me to college as i didnt have the time to take them in my day off as i was always tired and been sleeping in the days i worked so i though why not take them with me.

Just before i finished work and getting ready to open to College up in the morning took the Magazines and left them on College reception.

The next day had a phone call from Safeguard control telling me that ive got a complain about me and it was the College that complained because ive left the magazines and been told not to leave magazines anymore and i did just that.

A few days later ive rang the College hairdressing as i wanted to get myself an appointment and while i was on the phone ive asked one of the staff if they dont mind if they have a copy of the magazine as the college themselves doesnt give the magazines to the Hairdressing and because they have magazines such as OK , Hello, More magazine then i would the outnorthwest would be great for them to have too. Just because ive rang and inquired about it they college again complained and told Safeguard what happened but what i dont understand is that ive done this in my spare time and not work time that happened when i got the first complain so why did the college use the excuse to complain about me the second time.

A few days later had another phone call from Safeguard Control telling me that i dont need to go to work anymore as the College said that they dont want me on site again and if i did still go to work when they told me im not allowed to go back then they can get the police to remove me off site.

So the answer is ive lost my job just because over a magazine complain now thats just taking the piss and been treated unfairly this really is Discrimination.

This is not the only problem as after they finished me off at the College a few days later Safeguard rang me to find me other Jobs but not to mention they just ignored me all this time while i was waiting to hear from them and when i always ring being told i will be called later and that never happens as its always a few days later. 

Safeguard even takes money out of the security guards pay without permission its so called Admin pay scheme and everybody who starts working gets OPTED IN without asking and that is our money not theirs to take and not asking for permission.

Anyway the closest job they found me after the College issue was in Bootle but if i dont drive and the transport is bad here as Skelmersdale doesnt even have a train station or decent public transport then its not easy getting anywhere so i told Safeguard that im sorry but its too far getting there. I know that they said they dont want me back at the college not a chance and apart from that they dont have any local jobs for me not even Southport or Wigan. I told them if they have something close like Liverpool City Centre then that would be great but still with some jobs they offer is like starting very early such as half 6 or half 7 in the morning but if thats was the case with the College in Skelmersdale no problem as i can walk to it and the earliest bus doesnt start running until half 6.

I few days ago now last week Safeguard asked me to go all the way to Leeds at their head office for a Disciplinary hearing and because im not in the union and no other guard will stand by me helping me out ended up going on my own and paying from my own money getting there.

As it happened the journey there was just to know why im refusing jobs that they offered me so i went there for nothing when i told them why on the phone and that day they said to me that i will get an answer the following day of the result as they will call me and now its been nearly 2 weeks and still no answer so ive rang a week ago and been told that they only give answers out by letter instead of telling me over the phone. By the looks of it i can tell they just wanna get rid of me and when i told my friends about the way ive been treated when i got the first complain all said looks like they sure wanna get rid of you quickly. 

As any job when you start they all must follow this rule if they wanna get rid of you.

1. Verbal warning
2. Written warning
3. Final written warning and
4. Verbal Dismissal

The only warning ive had was verbal warning as ive never received a written warning as after the second complain went straight to telling me im removed off site.

My final answer is im not happy they way ive been treated by the company and they already listed the job again to replace me. Here is the link to the job centre ad. (JOB GONE)

As you can see in the description it says that you Must be computer literate, including with Word and Excel yeah right not even true as you don't even use computers we are not allowed to touch them as its only the Maintenance guys.

The other thing thats changed is that its 48 hours and ive only had 39 hours when i worked there and now its 5 days over 7 as when ive worked was 4 days (nights) and 4 days off and the rest is the same.

Now you know the reason i dont want anything to do with West Lancashire College as if they didnt complain i would still have the job even now.

All ive done for the past 2 weeks was just waiting for nothing and the last shift ive worked at the college was on 18 February so since then just waited for them to find me another job and they just ignored me for a while and was only just 1 week before they asked me to go to Leeds when they offered me the job too late then. They done nothing to find me a job after they finished me off at College from 19 February.

Now i give up waiting to gets the answer now as i know they will get rid of me but why making me wait so long for them to tell me.

I'm going to sign back on to job centre wish i did after finished off at College.

I also wonder if the problem might be because im gay and a gay magazine.


Tuesday 24th April 2012

Its been a few weeks now since ive been to Leeds for the Disciplinary hearing and still havent heard from the company ever since and after the meeting ive been told that im gonna get a phone call that hasnt happened then when i rang been told i will get an answer by post and no i still didnt. All i want right now is my P45 so i can give it to a new employer when i eventually find another job as it aint any point for them not to send me my P45 as it looks like they dont want me back for this company so they might as well stop wasting my time.

Recently i sent an email to them regarding if im still working for them and if im NOT then i would like if they could please send me my documents P45 but all im just being ignored.

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If you are a Student at West Lancashire College (Skelmersdale Campus) or Ormskirk College campus and would like a copy of the Outnorthwest Magazine then you can pick it up at the local Library. If you know of a place that would like a copy then please email me or text me on 0751 481 9063. (Email address above)