Homosexuality in the Bible

Most dialogue on homosexuality 
misses several important points:

The Bible says nothing against men loving men or women loving women. 
One MIGHT be able to make a case that certain texts disapprove of anal 
intercourse (at least in Old Testament times) but not all gays practice 
this and seemingly few lesbians [do so].

Cases of men loving men are common in the Bible; the [most] obvious 
example [is] of Jonathan who, on meeting David, was "knit to the soul 
of David and loved him as his own soul" (1 Sam 18:3), and whom David 
loved and said "your love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women"
(2 Sam 1:26). Moreover Jesus himself especially loved and had an intimate 
relationship with the disciple John (who is simply call the disciple whom 
he loved--didn't he love them all?). In fact, when they ate, John used to 
recline in Jesus' lap (John 13.23). Jesus would get kicked out of 
most Churches today if he behaved in this way!

Men kissing and sleeping together is also mentioned. The Bible says nothing
negative or positive regarding oral sex (homosexual or heterosexual), 
with the possible exception of the Song of Songs, where it is celebrated. 
The Bible also says nothing against men forming intimate bonds 
or lifelong unions with each other.

The thing I find amazing about this whole discussion is that this whole issue 
very little air time in the Bible, yet it's one of the major platforms of the 
fundamentalist movement. Jesus never mentions the issue in any of his 
preaching and neither Paul nor Peter ever point it out as being a sin in their
public preaching (even in Athens, where erotic same-sex relations 
were celebrated, though anal intercourse was considered wrong
between freemen by the Greeks).

The only places where the issue (that is, anal intercourse) MIGHT be 
discussed in the NT is in a couple of Paul's letters, and in these cases 
the significance is not clear. In two cases, the term used, arsenokoites, 
is unclear in its meaning; it may mean male prostitute, as St. Jerome thought,
or those who have anal intercourse, or something else. It certainly is not 
talking about a loving and committed relationship between two men. 
Anal intercourse [also] may be alluded to in Romans 1 ("men in men," 
GK: arsenes en arsenes), but the activity is described in the context of a 
pagan orgy and seems to be talking about heterosexuals who get so caught
up in the frenzy they betray their own nature. In any case, clearly Romans 1
[is not referring to] an instant of two same sex individuals in a committed 
and loving relationship. (Don't forget that Paul also says that it is unnatural
for men to have long hair, and I don't hear this being
made a political issue--how hypocritical!)

There are all kinds of gay people--some celibate, some sluts, and a whole lot
in between. Many are very decent people and some are not. Some are Christian, 
some not. The blanket claim that God hates all fags is irresponsible and 
biblically false. The MOST one can conclude [from the Bible] is that anal
intercourse may be a sin (at least in the Old Testament--along with eating
shrimp and wearing polyester suits).