Drug User Safety Tips

Drug Users Safety Tips


Party drug users have come up with ways to ‘prepare and repair’

before and after a big night out.  Here are some suggestions 



These details are taken from Terrence Higgins Trust website www.drugfucked.tht.org.uk

For further information please call THT Direct on 0845 12 21 200 or visit www.tht.org.uk






  • Rest up so you have the stamina to get you through the partying (and the comedown).


  • Stock up at home and when you’re clubbing with: drinks to rehydrate you (isotonic energy/sports drinks are good), dried fruit or salty food like crisps or salted nuts to replace vitamins, salts and  minerals, lollies or chewing gum (to ease jaw clenching and teeth grinding if you’re taking ecstasy or amphetamines).


  • Consider taking multivitamins (one a day) before and after partying. Eat well before and over a long weekend.


  • A starch heavy meal (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, noodles) before you start gives you more slow-release energy to keep you going. Over a long weekend try eating even if you don’t feel hungry, even if it’s just fruit or a smoothie. As you might not feel like cooking or shopping, have food ready in the fridge for when you get home; stuff that’s ready to prepare quickly.


  • Make sure you have easy access to condoms or water-based lube (on you and back at home) even if you’re not planning to fuck - at least you’ll be prepared if it happens; latex gloves too, if fisting might be on the cards.


  • If you take HIV drugs make sure you have a supply on you and/or where you might end up, eg, at a friend’s or boyfriend’s house. If you miss a dose don’t take double. Just take the normal amount the next time you’re due to take your pills. But if you keep missing doses your HIV meds the HIV can start to get resistant to the meds you take. Two ways to remember your pills: set the alarm on your phone or get a mate to remind you.





  • Take your essentials: lollies/gum, condoms, and enough cash to get home safely. And HIV meds if you’re on them.


  • If you smoke you’re likely to smoke more than normal, meaning a lot more toxins for your body to deal with.


  • Dress so that you don’t overheat or get dehydrated in the club. Make use of the coatroom and have warm clothes to get you to the club and back.


  • Remember that both alcohol and chems dehydrate, so keep up your liquid intake, especially if dancing. Piss getting darker or not pissing very often is a sign you need fluids. But too much water is dangerous. A pint of non-alcoholic liquid an hour is recommended. Fruit juice on its own or mixed with lemonade is good.


  • Take breaks from dancing so your body can cool down and get a rest.


  • If going to another party the next night try to rest or sleep inbetween.




  • Chill out with friends (‘back to mine’). This way you can look after each other. But a ‘chill out’ that means taking more drugs will just make the comedown harder.


  • Drink plenty to flush toxins from your body (especially your liver).


  • Eat a healthy snack or meal before going to bed.


  • These high protein foods have nutrients that help recovery: meat, fish, soya beans, lentils, bananas, sunflower seeds, peanuts and almonds.


  • Oranges, kiwi fruit, avocado, carrots, broccoli, spinach, salmon and tuna are all rich in vitamins.


  • If you take HIV pills set an alarm so you don’t miss a dose while you catch up on sleep.


  • After partying avoid ‘detox’ regimes that involve half-starving yourself or eating in an unbalanced way.


  • Know where or how to get more support if needed – sometimes things happen during a night out that can seem fine at the time but on reflexion may make you feel bad or depressed.



Feeling ‘down’ a couple of days after partying happens because the drugs made your brain release its feel good chemicals (dopamine and serotonin). Until your brain replaces them feeling depressed is the unavoidable pay-off but this wears off within a few days. Taking more drugs won’t avoid this comedown; it just makes it worse when you finally stop partying. If your comedowns are getting longer or worse maybe you need to cut back on your partying or talk to a doctor.