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For more information to plan for college visit:
Be sure to visit their college prep timeline page for helpful suggestions on what you can do this year to prepare for college.


Utah Futures:

College Information
The below site will allow you to take a college campus tour of most Utah Colleges.

To apply online visit:
BYU                         http://www.byu.edu/webapp/home/index.jsp

CEU                         http://www.ceu.edu/

Dixie                         http://new.dixie.edu/

LDS Business           http://www.ldsbc.edu/

SLCC                       http://www.slcc.edu/recruiting/              

Snow                       http://www.snow.edu/
SUU                         http://www.suu.edu/

UoU                         http://www.utah.edu/portal/site/uuhome/f

USU                         http://www.usu.edu/

UVU                         http://www.uvu.edu/

Weber                     https://www.weber.edu/

Westminster          http://www.westminstercollege.edu/



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