Welcome to the Royal Guild of Fence

We promote and practice the study of swordsmanship as it was done up to the year 1650 through a historically-based structure, which recognizes accomplishments, growth in skills and responsibility, and giving the individual personal goals.

This is an exciting time for Western Martial Arts (WMA), the study of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and Rapier, Cut & Thrust, Long sword, etc., studies in the West Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). There has been a great increase in interest and support for these studies and activities being seen at all levels of the Society. This can be seen in the new Rapier Peerage, new awards for Rapier studies and skills and an increase in the visibility and number of activities available to all.

The Royal Guild of Fence in the West Kingdom was established in AS 33 and now has Guildmasters and Provosts teaching across the US. Please feel free to contact any of our members in areas close to you. You will find the Charter and Bylaws of the Guild explain the historical foundation and the day to day workings of the Guild. You will also find links for more information on the study of period rapier combat.

Please peruse the following pages. We hope that you will join us and look forward to crossing swords on the field of honor. To those who choose to observe and support we hope to provide a spectacle worthy of your time.

Alaryn, Lord Guildmaster of the Royal Guild of Fence