8th Grade Continuation

Plans, raises funds for, and puts on the 8th grade Continuation party at the end of the school year. The 2017-18 8th Grade Continuation committee is chaired by Sandy Blaylock; interested volunteers may contact her at to express interest in assisting with or coordinating part of the event planning (fundraising, decorations, entertainment, food, setup/cleanup) and be notified of planning meetings. 


Proposes and raises funds for projects to improve the appearance of our campus. The committee is currently underway with an outdoor improvement initiative, Changing the Face of West Jeff Middle School.

Communication and Advocacy 

Legislative advocacy (our liaison is Jen Burtis), supports the school accountability committee, PTA promotion (newsletter, signage, social media), and the school PTA website.

Community/Family Engagement 

Boo-Hoo/Yahoo breakfast, business memberships, Watch DOGS, welcome committee.


Supports after-school enrichment (currently Jazz Band from October-May), Geography Bee, and Reflections.


Box Tops for Education, "fun"draiser Fridays, restaurant nights, school store, Schoola, seasonal sales (boo bags, holiday store, val-o-grams), turkey trot.

Health & Wellness 

Partners with the Mountain Resource Center to impact the culture and energy of our school and community by providing awareness and choices to support positive mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Carnival, movie nights, fall dance, talent show.

School Engagement 

Bulletin boards, educator grants, Science Night, Sunshine, teacher appreciation.