Some aspects of the Caribbean culture

 The West Indian population in some words
English was the official language(tongue) of the British Antilles, so that the afro-Caribbean immigrants recently arrived at the United Kingdom met fewer difficulties of communication than the immigrants of the other countries but there are also Caribbean, Creole dialects or dialect spoken by the afro-Caribbean.

The afro-Caribbean in the British company(society), those been born on the English ground instinctively adopted and developed a hybrid dialect between Caribbean language and regional variants of the British language (different accent Creole loan of tone Jamaican).
Food afro Caribbean
Caribbean cooking is the result of the coexistence of different cultures (kitchen arfrcaine Caribbean Indians The first settlers).

Mainly based on seafood, Caribbean dishes have in common often to marinate meat and fish in seasoning to improve the taste.
Today, most Afro-Caribbean food (s) are composed mainly of yam, cassava, green banana or plantain, sweet potatoes, cocoyam, bread, coconut, lentil, rice, fish, meat, and a blend of British recipe.

From these ingredients come typical Caribbean dishes like Curry goat, patty and cocoa bread, pumpkin soup, corn porridge, callollo, from turnip or collard greens, Ackee, yam rissoles that mix flavors, colors and smells.
 Music Afro-Caribbean
Departing the music is marked by a mix of music from the colon and the music of the slaves.
Now Afro-Caribbean music is a broad term for music styles originated in the Caribbean area, most notably music of Cuba, music of Puerto Rico, music of Haiti, music of Jamaica, music of The Bahamas, music of Belize, music of the Dominican Republic, music of Trinidad and Tobago, music of Venezuela, music of Colombia, music of Guyana, music of Barbados, music of Panama and music of Brazil.
LORD KTCHENER is the one first dices has investigates the musics of the diverse black communities of London and informs the history(story) and the cultural heritage of the black Diaspora of Great Britain. Four volumes of this anthology redraw the history(story) of an afro-Cuban music of front the reggae, or in any case before the reggae dethrones the other forms of " Caribbean music ", and becomes the music of choice for all the British black communities, whatever are their origins.
We so note that the music will become a link between the various immigrant populations, conveying the news(short stories), but also the hopes, the expectations, as well as the disappointments of the new Londoners. " London is the places for me " speak about a time(period) when the Negro music, with the exception of soul, was exclusively listened to by the African and West Indian community of the country. It will again be necessary to wait for a few years before begins the big love story of the British white population for the ska and the reggae,
But there are also young artist like Craig David that have been successful in Britain and worldwide...
In term of religions
In Great Britain, of numerous afro-Caribbean adhere to evangelic Protestant spheres of influence dissenters, within currents such as the Pentecostalism or the Church seventh day adventist. They also have, in numerous places in England, supported by the new churches.
These churches is more similar to the afro-American practices than to the traditional English Anglican or catholic liturgy. The music Gospel also
played a major role in the British cultural life.
Afro West Indian litterature and Sport
Of numerous ecrivains as James Berry, George Lamming, Samuel Selvon,Sylvia Wynter it are inspired by London and we take advantage of the radio program Caribbean voices on the BBC to become known and be published(edited). By choosing to settle down in the United Kingdom, these writers allowed for the first time the Caribbean literature to reach an international status, and installed(settled) the Caribbean literature in a important way in the English literature.The subjects approached by this literature were at the beginning the difficulties met by these new immigrants in Great Britain.
More recemment In 2004, the novel Small Island de Andrea Levy took away(gained) the price(prize) Orange of fiction, one of the most prestigious literary prizes of Great Britain. This young person ecrivain born in London of Jamaican relatives(parents), is the author of four novels, each investigating - of different manners - the problems lived by the black children been born in Relative's(Parent's) England Jamaican.
But there is only it litterature that the Afro caribbean community has reussi marked down....
The Cricket, the football, the rugby are sport extremely practised by the afro-Caribbean.
We can also note that The first Olympic medals in sprint were obtained by Harry Edward, British of Guyanese origin, in the Summer Olympics of 1920 in Antwerp.