Exposure Review / DSLR Basics

Understanding the technical side of exposure and how to make the camera do what you want is essential. 

Challenge #1: Exposure Basics
  1. Review the Exposure Basics information.
  2. Using the CameraSim application on your computer, go through each of the examples.  Be able to identify how the following affect your images:
    1. Slow shutter speed
    2. ISO
    3. Distance from the Subject
    4. Focal Length
  3. Answer the questions on the form.
Challenge #2: DSLR / D5000 Overview
  1. In small groups, review the D5000 / DSLR Basics handout
  2. Set the camera for the following settings:
    1. Shutter Priority, f8, ISO 800
    2. Manual, f16, 1/125, ISO 200
    3. Aperture Priority, wide open, ISO 3200
  3. Tell Mr. McDowell you are ready to take the DSLR Challenge! He will give you a situation and you will set the camera up to shoot in that setting.