09. Uncollected Children

Please be prompt in collecting your child so as not to distress them. We ask parents to remain outside until the time of collection so all children can leave together. If however you are running late please phone us so we can make appropriate arrangements. If we do not hear from you we will do are best to contact you and those named on your registration document. Your child will remain in our care until a collection time is agreed. If however we have no success in contacting you, the local social service department in Barnstaple will be contacted after 1 hour. You will be charged for the delay at an hourly rate to cover staff wages. Two staff will remain on the premises, one of which must hold a relevant first aid certificate.

Lost child/children

All efforts will be made to find a lost child. Parents and Police would be contacted immediately and the outcome passed on to Ofsted for further investigation within 24 hours of the incident.