08. Selection Policy

All our children are welcome as equal if a place is available, or their name can be added to a waiting list. For children aged one and two we recommend a short trial in the small afternoon group to allow us to assess the child’s readiness to leave their parents for extended periods.

Every effort is made to accommodate children with special needs. The capabilities and needs of each child are assessed so that emphasis can be given to that child’s needs. However the premises and staffing arrangements may not be suitable for every child. We will however try to accommodate all and are happy to liaise with the heath visitor or area senco. If will feel your child may be displaying difficulties in some areas of learning we will discuss these with you before contacting a support network first , however as a duty of care to each child, we will have to contact the area senco if you do not consent. You will be supported though this process and all information remains confidential within these parties concerned.