07. Health and Safety

Parents are asked to complete details of health issues on the application form.

Should any other problem or concern be discovered please let us know.

Medication cannot be given without written consent from the parent or guardian. However in an emergency situation yourself and your Doctor will be contacted for verbal consent to assist your child's ailment. 

Any accident or incident involving your child will be recorded and you will be required to sign the document upon collection. You may have access to these records upon request, showing  risk assessments completed by staff to minimise accidents, those that have occurred are purely bumps gained by the child which were unpreventable.


We will keep a record of injuries that your child comes to school with. We must report any child protection concerns directly to the child protection team without your knowledge for them to carry out an investigation. You will then be informed of any action taken, unless it is deemed it may further impact on the child. This remains confidential. Parents will not be able to collect their children if they are deemed under the influence of drugs or alcohol the other parent or carer will be contacted or the children’s services team.

If a member of staff has an allegation made against them, they will be suspended from duty and a full investigation carried out by the child protection (Local authority team) and Ofsted notified of any pending investigations or dismissal.

Staff  have a whistle blowing policy. Staff have monthly supervisions and our asked to raise concerns about children in their care and the conduct of their colleagues. 

Staff are not allowed to use their phones or any other devises that photos could be taken on eg ipod/ipad at work or keep them on their person. Any visitors will not be able to bring their mobile phones into the setting. Photos will only be used utilizing the nursery camera which does not leave the premises. Please read our photograph policy below.

There is a Multi-Agency Safeguarding poster displayed on the notice board which will help you to follow the correct procedures yourself if you have a concern about a child.

There is no internet access in the setting.

The Safeguarding officer is Ruth Garland and the Deputy working in the premises in my absence is Tracy Butler. Both have up to date training. In the event that both are unavailable, the staff know to contact Leo Kybert whom has also relevant up to date training as well as being a safeguarding trainer himself.

All staff working with children within the setting have received safeguarding training and understand their responsibility and have signed up to follow it correctly in their contracts. They also receive at staff guide on safeguarding to refer to.

Ruth Garland is responsible for reviewing and updating the policy in line with legislation.

Ruth is also responsible for emailing and receiving documentation on children. This is done though a protected server and a secure site, to the best of my ability. Please be aware though that hackers exist and proven though the media they can access even government documents. For this reason once a document is no longer needed for online purposes it is deleted. In a safeguarding matter where we are required to store information the document will be kept as a hard copy in our safeguarding file only.

All medications and cleaning materials are stored safely which cannot be accessed by children.

The safety of your child is our concern but please do not loiter in the garden, hold your child's hand as the low walls and the pond are potential dangers. Other safety issues will be posted on a notice on the nursery window. Children our not our responsibility until the have been handed over to a member of staff at the door. Please do not drop you child outside to see themselves in or let them into the nursery unless a staff member is present. The nursery hours are between 8.30am and 5pm and children should not arrive before this time unless prior arrangement has been made and there are 2 staff members on the premises.

Any non conformance or suggestions raised by visiting authorities will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Our staff have written procedures that detail the actions to be taken daily and weekly to ensure a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

If it is  known that a child has been in contact with infectious diseases etc. please let us know by telephone, and keep the child at home until the doctor gives the 'all clear.'

As with sickness bugs or temperatures please inform us and keep your child at home for an additional 48 hours after he/she is better.

If two or more children are diagnosed with food poisoning, Ofsted along with Rador will be informed.

Please check regularly for head lice or thread worm.


We welcome visitors to our nursery for educational purposes.

Any visitors invited to the nursery will be required to sign our visitors log, list the nature of their visit, identification, vehicle registration and the time spent on premises. They are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the setting.

The nursery is protected by comprehensive insurance.