04. Educational Program

We aim to provide social emotional and personal development in a friendly and caring atmosphere. We teach manners, good behavior and justice, language and literacy through a progressive program of our own and using the development matters curriculum. We are currently working with the every child matters document that came in to effect in 2003 and replaced current legislative standards along with the EYFS 2012. This helped all staff to gain awareness and make a smooth transition. Our approach is very holistic with 50% of education learning though experience outside.


Games and group activities we employ enhance physical and social development, while creative development is gained using construction toys, imaginative play and a wide assortment of materials, toys, puzzles and books. We will also make best use of the facilities around us this means will we leave the premises each day, appropriate risk assessment willing.

Outings may some times include use of public transport. You will by asked to sign a consent form prior to these. Likewise if we want to take photos of your child within the setting or on a trip, we will ask for written permission and these would only be on display on the nursery premises.

See daily plan, long term and short term plans placed on the window of how we construct these.

Our curriculum consists of a wide range of planning and aims to provide rewarding and simulating activities from blackberry picking to cooking and growing our own fruit and veg , to weighing, estimating, drawing and playing role modeling.