03. Staff Provisions


Each member of staff is carefully selected for their suitability to work with young children. They are required to complete a Local Authority Questionnaire which is submitted to the Social Services Department and Police. They are required to submit full employment history, medical suitability, references, undergo a suitability check, have safeguarding training and prove they are aware of the duties involved and that they have the ability to under take these.


The nursery will meet (or normally exceed) the requirements of the Children’s Act for pupil to staff ratios.


The professional qualifications obtained by our staff include:

  • Norland Nursery Nurse Diploma
  • Montessori
  • Primary School Teacher
  • City and Guilds for 0 to 8 Years 
  • N.N.E.B.
  • PPA Supervisor
  • PPA                                                                
  • Qualified Teacher status
  • NVQ, Level 3 and 4
  • First Aid and Health and safety
  • Child protection levels 2,3 and 4                    
  • Safer Recruitment training
  • Food hygiene
  • N.F.T.D
  • 7303 Adult teaching cert
  • Behavior therapy counseling diploma.
  • Early years foundation teacher.
  • EYPs  (Early Years Professional)
  • BA Hons in early years, psychology and sociology
  • MA in Pedagogy



Staff names:

 Ruth Garland        Registered provider. Owner/ Manager. Senco; Fire marshal; Child Protection Officer;  First Aider;  Lead Professional;  EYP MA

Judith Williams      Deputy Manager. First Aider; Teacher/ Carer 0-3 Health and Safety Officer

Tracey Butler.       Play worker. First Aider; Teaching assistant Food Hygiene Officer

Charlotte Making   PlayLeader/ Teaching assistant.

Gemma Bates       Playworker

Leo Kybert            Staff Superviser; Child protection/Safeguarding officer

Anne Garland        Teacher

Anoushka              Teacher



The Principles of the nursery have a combined experience of 60 years in nursery education. This knowledge is passed on to staff through continuous staff training, but new members of staff are encouraged and assisted to study for professional qualifications. Staff development is achieved by supervision of their activities and rewarded by a certificate after completion of two years in-house training.

Staff are required to be present for weekly staff meetings, half termly supervisions, six days in house training days and six local authority training days.

Staff our encouraged to continue training and supported though this.

Pay rises and a bonus are awarded following a yearly appraisal.