17. Recruitment Policy

It is acknowledged that within society there are a number of disadvantaged groups that may feel that they are excluded from seeking employment with West Hill Nursery. In order to counteract this, West Hill Nursery will actively encourage any applications from underrepresented groups through positive advertisements in the local press, which will include reference to West Hill Nursery.

All staff employed must have the capacity and motivation to participate effectively in training and development, particularly the National Vocational Qualification Awards which benefit us within our roles.

Safer recruitment is an important part of safeguarding children.

As an organisation there are steps we can take to try and ensure that the people who are employed are safe to work with children and young people.

Safer recruitment has key elements which are:

  • Robust recruitment and selection processes
  • Relevant vetting and checking processes
  • A robust induction
  • A good training infrastructure.

The aims of safer recruitment are:

  • To prevent unsuitable people working with children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • To promote safe practices and challenge poor or unsafe practice
  • Respond promptly and appropriately to concerns about a child's welfare
  • Develop partnership working

Having a safe culture is a key part of safeguarding and as an organisation we do this by:

  • Having effective recruitment, induction, training, mentoring and supervision processes
  • Ensuring that there is an awareness and understanding of safeguarding
  • Have open and transparent practice
  • Have clear procedures for reporting concerns or issues
  • Have a clear reporting structure so that people understand and know who to contact and where to get help
  • Have open and agreed standards of behaviour and a code of conduct
  • Have robust policies and procedures regarding safeguarding children and young people
  • Have a commitment to safeguarding children and young people, and put safeguarding high on everyone's agenda
  • Keep an open mind

Recruitment and selection:

Using the Standards for Safer Recruitment 2008 as guidance on all stages of the recruitment process which outlines the appropriate steps to be taken in order to avoid pitfalls and ensure that recruitment is based upon best practice and equal opportunities. Integral to a robust and safe recruitment process are:

Planning - ensure that the job description and person specification has a clear statement about the role, responsibilities and expectations regarding the attributes and characteristics necessary.

  • Advertising - sending out the right message.
  • Application - gathering, analysing and following up information provided by candidates.
  • Obtaining and checking references which ask specific questions about the candidates suitability.
  • Interviewing - by people in safer recruitment.
  • Conduct identity and qualification checks.
  • Vetting checks


The process described below must be followed for the appointment of all staff.


All promotional posts will be advertised internally, initially, to every staff member within the organisation if they wish to apply.

Most positions will necessitate external advertisement. This will be arranged by senior staff within West Hill Nursery to ensure that employment legislation is met. In line with the recommendations of the Warner Report and the Safer Recruitment training conducted by the Devon Local Safeguarding Children Board (L.S.C.B.).


West Hill Nursery will send application forms to anyone who has made this request and will require any candidate to return them by the required date.



West Hill Nursery application forms insist on three references and a full and checkable employment history which must also explain any gaps in employment. Further additional information is sought if a candidate has previously worked in a position involving contact with young people to ascertain the reason if any, this employment ended.


The application form also requires the candidate to disclose any previous offences or instances of misconduct. Candidates must also sign a declaration of truth.

Any offences disclosed will only be considered in relation to the employment of that staff member.


Application Forms will also seek information in relation to the individual’s sickness record.


Once the closing date has passed the interview panel will meet to shortlist the applicants.


Short listing will be based on the Job Description and Personal Specification for the advertised job. No other criteria will be used.


Once short listing has been completed and agreed, candidates will be informed of the date of the interviews and will be sent an invitation to attend. Unsuccessful candidates will also be informed in writing that they have been unsuccessful at this time.

All candidates are required to bring proof of identity such as their Passport or Photocard Driving License as well as any original certificates of qualifications gained with them to the interview.

Candidates are also required to bring proof that they have the right to work in a European country i.e. National Insurance number etc.


The Interview Panel will meet to prepare for the interviews where each candidate will be discussed. Interview questions should be agreed and a Chair appointed who will ensure that all the relevant paper work is completed.

When a candidate arrives for interview they will report to a senior member of staff who will check their identity and ensure that they are entitled to work in a European country.   

Interview questions will be typed and the candidate’s responses to them recorded. Each of the Interview Panel will have a set of Interview Questions so that notes can be taken during the interview.

The structure of the Interview Process should be agreed including who will ask which questions before the actual interview.

The process will be as follows:-


  • Brief insight in to West Hill Nursery by the Chairperson
  • The Interview
  • Questions
  • Clarification (gaps in employment etc)
  • Close 

Applicants will only be assessed in relation to the job description and person specification, all other factors (race, gender, current domestic circumstances etc) will be disregarded.

In line with the Warner Report recommendations the opportunity will be given for the interviewee to ask questions and retrieve information about the company. However personal details of the young people in our care will not be given under any circumstances.

Once every candidate has been interviewed the panel will meet to discuss and make appointment decisions.

The decisions will be based on the criteria outlined prior to the interview and no other consideration will be made.

The Panel will produce a written record of each interview to assist in the process of the final selection. These records will then be retained for one year.

The candidates will be notified in writing if they are either successful or not and these will state reasons for appointment or why they are unsuccessful.

Any unsuccessful candidate’s personal details will be destroyed.

The three referees will be written to and arrangements will be made for the candidates to complete a Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure (C.R.B.).

Prior to any offer of employment West Hill Nursery will ensure the following checks have been satisfactorily completed:-

Proof of identity (Passport/Photocard Driving License)

Proof of current address (Utility Bill)

Proof of qualifications

Proof of entitlement to work in the U.K.

C.R.B. check

Medical declaration/check


To establish and maintain a balanced and competent staff team committed to positive outcomes for the young people we work with.

To ensure that the system of recruitment and selection is thorough, promotes the safeguarding of the young people and deters those individuals who wish to harm them.

To ensure that the recruitment process is fair and equitable, does not discriminate against any individual or group and allows candidates to promote their applications as effectively as possible.

To establish systems as an important and necessary process against inappropriate or unsafe appointments.