Parents Comments

“Both of our children have attended/do attend West Hill Nursery and both of them have flourished in the caring, exciting and vibrant environment. The experience they have had provides a fantastic stepping stone towards starting school and is of real benefit to their social and educational development in these important early years. The staff are all committed to our children, the early years experience, and this is evident in the wonderful atmosphere created and the smiling faces when I drop them off and when they come home”
Jim G. 

"An ounce of praise is worth far more than a tonne of criticism"
Sally H. 

Can't praise the staff enough - all do a fantastic job at supporting us.
Liz  T.  

We think West Hill Nursery is a fantastic place and gives children a wonderful start in life - we're very glad both of ours have benefited from it.  Thank you.
Garry S. 

I am very impressed with the Pre-School.  I particularly like the variety of things that you do, very imaginative activities but also relevant.
Carrie M.