We are registered for the Early years grant for children over three years of age and funded two year olds.

For all other children the rate is £4.50 per hour to be reviewed annually. Please speak to us if you require financial assistance.

Fees are payable at the beginning of each week or in advance by cheque. You may pay your fees by direct debt , however you will need to pay for the full month by the 24th of each month. 


No reduction or refund is given for absence in term time - full fee is to be paid to retain place. If you require childcare out of term you will need book and pay for these sessions in advance. Late fees will incur at a rate of 10%. Persistent late payments or non payments will result in the termination of your place. All fees need to be paid by the end of each term.  

One month paid notice is required if a child is to be withdrawn during term.

There is a £25 registration fee