Witness Stones II

“Slavery is the landscape that you learn to see”.
Anne Farrow, author, The Logbooks:Connecticut’s Slave Ships and Human Memory

"History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history".

James Baldwin,"Black English: A Dishonest Argument"

Through research, education and civic engagement, the WITNESS STONES PROJECT seeks to restore the history and to honor the humanity and contributions of the enslaved individuals who helped build our communities. 


Compelling Question:  

Why acknowledge slavery in West Hartford? 

Supporting Questions:

How did enslaved people live with the people who owned them and how did they retain their humanity?

How did white people live with and benefit from the people they owned?

What economic role did the enslaved people play?

What role did government play in maintaining the institution?

What role did government play in dismantling the institution?