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  • Monday April 13th, 2015
    Today we:
    1) finished Cloud notes
    2) started It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot lab (Pudil, Head)
    3) went over Climate Exam (McGrane)

    *It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot follow-up questions* (Head)

    CQ: *What is humidity?*
    Posted Apr 13, 2015, 11:25 AM by Maureen Head
  • Wednesday March 26, 2015 Do One Thing Poster Template
    Today we begin to work on our Advertisement for our "Do One Thing" climate change project.  
    Students may use the attached template for a poster.  
    Please have this submitted to the temp drive folder no later than Monday morning for printing that day.
    Posted Mar 26, 2015, 6:19 AM by Marianne McGrane
  • Monday March 23rd, 2015
    Today we:
    1) started Climate Exploratorium
    2) Do One Thing: Carbon Footprint worksheet


    *DUE WEDNESDAY 3/25 - Carbon Footprint worksheet (confirm with parents)*

    *Due Thursday 3/26 - Exploratorium Packet*

    *Due Thursday 4/2 - Climate Review Guide*

    *Friday 4/3 - Climate TEST*

    CQ: *none*
    Posted Mar 24, 2015, 10:35 AM by Maureen Head
  • Tuesday March 10th, 2015
    Today we:
    1) finished checking Paleoclimate Lab
    2) Greenhouse Gas Lab
    3) worked on DD Climate Change

    *Head's classes - you have until midnight tonight to get papers submitted to turnitin.com*

    *DUE TOMORROW - Greenhouse Gas Lab graph and follow up ?s*

    *Due Thursday 3/12 - DD Climate Change*

    *Due Thursday 4/2 - Climate Review Guide*

    *Friday 4/3 - Climate TEST*

    CQ: *none*
    Posted Mar 10, 2015, 7:52 AM by Maureen Head
  • Monday March 9th, 2015
    Today we:
    1) finished Paleoclimate Lab

    *Heating & Cooling Lab Final Paper - Ms. Head forgot to create the assignment on turnitin.com so please submit papers this evening*

    CQ: *none*
    Posted Mar 9, 2015, 7:05 AM by Maureen Head
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