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Encourage the Picture Walks!!!!
Developing visual literacy aids in comprehension.  However, kids can't just "look" at the picture.  You must encourage three things to happen......see, scan, analyze.  This encourages making observations, making inferences, making connections.  You can have students make three columns and practice doing this by having them record observations (what they see / know), inferences (what they think), emotions (how they feel / what they connect it to).
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT...so do this drill often!
Teach Writing through Technology
Pixar short films can be downloaded from the web for a small fee.  Once you have them downloaded, you or your school can use them over and over.  Many have no words.....imagine the possibilities.
You may also try www.schooltube.com  for videos that may be useful to encourage writing.
DIBELS Next is the new reading assessment.  It's new and improved.  There is no retell as an option, it is now mandatory, so start preparing your students.  GUESS WHAT ELSE........starting at grade three there is now a comprehension assessment that can be done whole group...YEAH!
Training is here!  You'll get more information very soon.