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We will rotate our meeting locations between the schools.
Tentative Time: 3:45 (days TBA)



Our first goal is to increase our membership AND activeness of members!  Encourage anyone who is not a member to join.  We will be an active club this year. 
A club goal this year is to become an honor council.
West Feliciana Reading Council would like to select a "Teacher of the Year."  We will then submit this teacher to the state level through LRA.  If they are selected, they will be submitted to the International level through IRA.  WHAT AN HONOR!!!!  Keep your eyes open for nominations.
"Read for the Record" is ______________.  
THANK YOU to our committee for being organized and getting us prepared to participate!
Not only will we all be reading the same book, on the same day, but our students will be the readers!  We have arranged for students across grade levels to read to different grades.
 Read about this on the link below and be ready to discuss participation at our first meeting.
Click on the PROJECT section on the side bar to read information about our latest project, "CHECKING IT OUT."
If any member recruits 3 new members by our first official meeting, ____________, his/her membership will be refunded!!!!
Remember, members don't have to be staff.  Members can be anyone who feels strongly about the literacy of our children.  Membership forms are available on LRA's website.  The link is located on the sidebar.  Click on membership to download the form.  Membership fee is $20.00.