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Herdshare Program

Beginning in the Fall of 2017 we hope to have fresh, raw cow and goat's milk available on a herdshare basis. Please contact us for current availability and any additional information.

What is a herdshare? A herdshare is a percentage interest (partial ownership) of our dairy herd. As a shareholder, you are entitled to the milk from your own animals. The share purchase ensures your interest in the herd and provides a corresponding number of milk containers to use for your portion of the milk. The boarding fee covers your portion of the herd's expenses and care for that month. Your participation also contributes to supporting your local sustainable farm.

How does it work? By purchasing a share interest in our herd, you would be entitled you to a quantity of milk (based on our average herd production) on a weekly basis. Either on-farm pickup or drop-off to your home or another location can be coordinated. If at any time you would like to discontinue your ownership, we will buy back your share.

Tentative Investment Estimates as of June '17 below:
Complete share and board agreements to be signed by both parties prior to finalized sale of shares.

Goat Shares

10-12 milking does in herd, shares calculated by average collective production

Initial Share Purchase
1/2 share (1/50 herd interest) - $25
1 share (1/25 herd interest) - $40

Boarding Fees and Average Milk
1/2 share - $25 (average of 1 quart/week)
1 share   - $40 (average of 1/2 gallon/week)

Cow Shares

35 shares available per cow, 2 cows currently in herd

Initial Share Purchase
1/2 share (1/70 interest in one cow) - $20 (average of 1/2 gallon/week)
1 share  (1/35 interest in one cow) - $35 (average of 1 gallon/week)

Boarding Fees and Average Milk
1/2 share - $20 (average of 1/2 gallon/week)
1 share - $35 (average of 1 gallon/week)