About the W.E.D.A Committee

Like all of the Camping and Caravanning Club's D.A's and Sections, West Essex D.A. is run by a voluntary group of members. Our committee is selected each year at our AGM, normally held in February.  There is always lots of preparation and organisation that goes into every rally.  If you would like to get involved in the club either as just a volunteer or are interested in becoming a committee member then please feel free to contact us for more information.
If you are interested in stewarding a rally then please look at our stewarding section of this website for more details. 

Remember all stewards enjoy free camping for the weekend they are stewarding.

The following is a list of our Committee Members 2017 / 2018


Chairman’s Report 2016

As I come to the end of my third year as chairman I have lots of good memories when I look back over the last seasons camping, as I’m sure all of you do too.  I would like to welcome all the new friends we have made over the last year and welcome back some familiar faces.

Your committee, as always, have worked away behind the scenes all year, putting in a lot of time and graft to ensure that all of our Big Meets have been successful.  I would like to take this opportunity to ask you all to give them and their other halves a huge round of applause for all their hard work, dedication and sacrifices over the last year.

While talking about the committee, I would like to take a moment to thank Roy Knott, who, due to moving to Yorkshire earlier this year, had to stand down from his positions as Vice Chairman and PRO.  His presence with the DA will be missed.

A thank you also needs to be said to Jill Nursey who stepped down as Treasurer when her third year ended on 31st December.

I would also like to thank Paul Gayford, who has come to the end of his two year term of office and has decided not stand to re-election, and Mike Spooner who has decided to stand down from the committee and his position as Social Secretary as of today’s AGM.  Thank you both for all your time, support and hard work.

Our THS at Sea Palling, on the North Norfolk coast continues to be popular with members of our own DA and DAs from further afield, and I am pleased to say that we are returning there again for 2 weeks for the Whitsun holiday at the end of May/ beginning of June and for 3 weeks in August/September at the end of the summer holidays.

Now, I know I say this a lot, but that’s only because it’s true!  It is not just the committee who donate to the DA.  As always, over the last year there have been DA members happy to help out behind the scenes.  From stewarding a quiet meet to hosting a rally with evening entertainment, from helping put up and take down the marquee to simply joining in with the activities going on, to helping cook or serve when the DA provides food or drink, or when there is an American Supper, providing a plate of food to make a buffet or donating a raffle prize all of this helps the DA to be a success.  So from myself and the committee, a huge thank you for your continued help and support during 2016, without you WEDA simply would not be here.

I hope to see you “Out and About” over the coming months and don’t forget if you have pictures of meets, things you would like sell, if you fancy doing a blog or write up for any meets that you attend then please send them to our webmaster on the following email address webmaster@westessexda.co.uk

Best Wishes

Lee Spooner


* Not a member of the committee