Can I be in Viking Band?

Are you a Western Washington University student and have past experience playing flute/piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, baritone horn, mellophone/F horn, tuba/sousaphone, drums/percussion, or bass guitar? If so, then yes, you can be a member of the Viking Band! All you have to do is go to the registration page above and follow the instructions. We'll take it from there and inform you about the next steps!

What happens after I register?

We'll email you further instructions regarding our Mini-Camp and this year's athletic schedule.

What's Mini-Camp?

Our Viking Band Mini-Camp takes place the first weekend after Fall session begins. We'll spend all day learning music in rehearsals, sectionals, and other special and fun activities during the day, culminating in playing one of the first games of the Women's Volleyball season that night!

Does it cost anything to be in Viking Band?

At the beginning of the season, there is a one-time $20 registration fee for all new and returning members. This fee covers uniform, instrument rentals and repairs, music copies, staff stipends, and other miscellaneous costs.

How much of a time commitment is Viking Band?

After the mini-camp, we'll be playing about one to two games/events a week with a few rehearsals scattered throughout. Games tend to be around a three hour commitment while rehearsals last one to two hours. Check out our calendar for a more detailed layout of the season.

What is the Viking Band uniform?

Our uniform consists of a blue pullover uniform shirt (you will receive one on the first day of camp), khaki pants (regular khakis; not cargo pants with tons of pockets), and white sneakers (as plain and white as possible).

Are there leadership opportunities in the band?

Yes! There are spots for section leaders and assistant section leaders, who are paid a small stipend to attend games and events. Both are paid $10 per game and are required to be at every game or find an adequate substitute on their instrument. Assistant section leader positions are available for clarinet, bari sax, trumpet, and trombone. To apply, find the application on the Documents page above, fill it out, and email it to us at wwuvikingband@gmail.com. The due date will be sometime in September; more precise date TBA!

Do I have to be at every game and event if I join the band?

We understand that our members are students first, and band members second. This is primarily a volunteer group, so we can't expect everyone to be at every game. However, to make for the best experience for everyone in the band and for the audience at the games and events, we ask that our members do their best to be at as many games as possible; with more people the games tends to be more enjoyable, and we tend to sound that much better! Section leaders and other paid members are required to be at every game or find a suitable substitute.

What instruments can I play in the band?

Flute/piccolo, Bb clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor, bari), Bb trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, tuba/sousaphone, drums/percussion, and bass guitar.

Are instruments available for rental?

Yes! We have several instruments from every category available for rental. Availability will vary year to year. Contact us for more info!

Is there a drumline?

Yes! They have a weekly rehearsal separate from the winds and brass and play at all weekday games (generally Thursday nights). Contact us for more info!

Wait, I have another question, comment, or concern!

For anything else, feel free to email us at wwuvikingband@gmail.com.