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Meeting Minutes 10.11.12

NORA Meeting Minutes: Dr. Garbus Talk





Start/End times:



Purpose of Meeting:

Dr. Garbus, president of NORA International, came to speak with WesternU students


Content Summary:

Dr. Garbus gave an informative and detailed lecture on various neuro-rehabilitative techniques utilized in his neuro-optometric practice. Topics ranged from hardware such as the VEP, which provides light stimuli and records brain activity in response to those stimuli, to eye patching and partial patching such as taping different regions of the patient’s eyeglasses to assist in improving visual function. Bi-nasal occlusion is one such technique, as well as spot patches. He discussed many other techniques, including the use of a Hart chart which has letters, numbers and direction, to be read or referred to sequentially as the patient navigates in a figure 8 pattern around chairs. This is called the “infinity walk” and is both diagnostic and therapeutic to provide information about the patient’s ability to track and see visual cues and interpret them while navigating in space. This was demonstrated with volunteer help from a NORA member. Similar techniques were discussed, in addition to background information about Dr. Garbus and his wife’s practice.


Exercise Summary:

Many students stayed after the talk to participate in an Interactive Metronome exercise. Dr. Garbus discussed the purpose of the device, to improve hand-eye coordination, and visual timing in the brain. A photo was also taken with NORA members and Dr. Garbus and his wife.



Annual NORA Meeting in San Diego April 18-21, 2013.


A Continuing Education course is being promoted by NORA on October 29th, 2012 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, in HEC classroom 1 (upstairs). The event is called “Legally Mine: Take Yourself Off the Target. Understanding Legal Tools: The Key to Lawsuit Prevention and Tax Deduction.” This event is free for students, and $25 for everyone else. We encourage members to promote this event to Health Care professionals and their spouses, since the topic is beneficial to all health care professionals. Proceeds fund future NORA events and fund the NORA raffle to be held before April of 2013.

What our members thought about the meeting:

 “I liked how Dr. Garbus made sure to speak about various branches of Neuro Optometry, from talking about the various situations where Neuro Optometry is needed, for example in patients recovering from TBI, to the various diagnostic tools like the infinity walk, to the different treatment regimes like the interactive metronome.”

-Lidia T.

 “I especially liked when Dr. Garbus threw brains around.  I also liked having the opportunity to speak with him personally afterwards.  I am impressed by the fact that he is willing to dedicate a lot of time to the students.

-Warren A.

 “It was great to be able to learn how to utilize the interactive metronome (IM). The IM can be used in office VT and at home VT to coordinate the motor, auditory and visual system together. Definitely something I would purchase in the future.”

-Judy C.


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