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Meeting Minutes 08.24.12


Date: 08-24-12


Start/End times: 



Meeting Highlights:

1) NORA Club Introduction Presentation – presented by the club officers:

            Jonathan Hall (President, OD 2014)

            Jason Drobeck (Secretary, OD 2015)

            Mike Chism (Treasurer, OD 2015)

2) NORA is a multi-disciplinary club and organization

3) Annual meeting in San Diego in April 18-21 2013 (Plan to attend now!)

4) Discussed club resources and reward system / lottery



A Powerpoint presentation about the club was given to a group of student and faculty. New members were welcomed. P.T. and D.O. students shared why they joined the meeting today; some are interested in neurology while others appreciate the vestibular reflex and other ocular conditions which must be understood by any therapist.


Jonathan described what NORA is all about, discussed the roles of multiple health professions, and showed videos and images from last year’s NORA meeting in Memphis, TN to give members a perspective on national meeting activities.

Key point: It is important for each member of the healthcare team to understand each other’s role.  Ultimately this will lead to better communication and better outcomes.


Mike discussed the reward system for the lottery later in the year, and fundraising events and future events such as fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project.


Jason discussed ways members can keep engaged in the club, feedback to leadership, and the venues of the WesternU NORA website and facebook page.


We had 2 members volunteer for our upcoming BBQ fundraiser.


What our members thought:

"Hi there, I am a student from DPT 2014 and I honestly did not know much of anything of what this club was going to be about. To be honest, all that I knew was that it was neuro related (which is what I am interested in) and that they were welcoming students besides optometrists which I was excited about! I learned that all different professions can come together for this particular branch of the medical field and am excited to see how we can all work together in future experiences. I liked that everyone was very welcoming of other types of professions in the room besides optometry. Speaking for my college, I know we felt very warmly welcomed by others!"

- Sara W.


"I learned that NORA is not just an Optometry Rehabilitation Club, rather an inter-professional club that promotes various healthcare fields working together during a patient's journey through rehabilitation. I learned that Optometry students are eager to share their area of expertise (vision therapy), and are just as eager to learn other aspects of rehab from PTs and DOs alike. I liked the promotion of inter-professionalism."

- Shamia P.


"At the first NORA meeting I learned about the opportunities available for attendees to the annual NORA meetings. I was very happy to know that the next meeting will be in San Diego. I plan on participating in the fundraisers leading up the annual meeting in order to help members be able to attend. I liked that the presentation was interactive and set up the club to be very open to suggestions. Also, I look forward to the inter-professional collaboration in this club."

- Heather G.