Park update from the city

Post date: Aug 17, 2018 4:15:09 PM

Good Morning Park Supporters-

Thank you for your patience with this follow up as I was out of town to help with a family issue and many key team members have been out of vacation. Below please find an update regarding the progress on park items:


PARD is waiting for the final proposal from Kompan and has communicated with them often, including a conversation yesterday. PARD estimates a total cost for “renovations” will be around $3k. The schedule is still unknown but it is not uncommon for the work to be 4-6 weeks from a formal purchase .


The night watchman was disabled and I received positive feedback regarding the visibility. If you have a different perspective or feedback I am happy to hear from you. Attached is the map associated with yesterday’s lighting discussion. PARD has added the Joslin security lighting priorities to the list of parks to be addressed with FY19 funds. Over the next 6-8 weeks PARD will obtain cost estimates on the list of requests and begin to refine the viable lighting projects that can be addressed with the FY19 available budget. The FY19 list of projects will be shared in October 2018.

Tennis Courts

PARD is working with the contractor who stripped the Tennis Courts to fix mistakes and re-stripe in accordance with the original deliverable.

Looking forward to communicating with you next week.

Best Regards-

Kimberly McNeeley, CPRP, Acting Director

Austin Parks and Recreation Department