Joslin Park Follow-Up Update 7.20.18

Post date: Jul 20, 2018 1:52:57 PM

Good Morning Park Supporters-

As promised below is a progress update regarding the items discussed at last week’s meeting:

Progress Update:

· Contact Austin Transportation Department regarding the parking issues around Joslin Park and provide contact information to the community for further investigation Kimberly McNeeley

o ATD has been contacted and an email introduction was made. The ATD will work directly with community members and park supporters regarding the parking concerns.

· Investigate options for extending the recently installed lighting to better illuminate the playground area Patrick Beyer

o Joslin Park has two separate AE electrical services to the park. One service provides electricity to the tennis courts and is in working condition. The second service was used to light a softball field at one time. The softball field lighting is currently inoperable and will require a major investment to bring back into working condition. It is because of the inoperable condition of the second lighting system that PARD has use the solar alternative.

o As you know, PARD installed 2 solar lights. A 3rd light will be installed in the coming weeks. The solar lights are currently being analyzed and adjusted by PARD maintenance to extend increase lighting in and around the playground. The adjustments that are being tested include redirection of light, installing extensions to the existing lights and installation of a third light. The PARD team will continue adjustments and testing in the next week. A request has been made to Austin Energy to dim the existing night watchman light along Cinnamon Trail. If the night watchman continues to be too bright even after dimming, PARD will request the light be disconnected.

o Additional information regarding the lighting progress will be provided next week.

· Complete the tree trimming next to the adjacent light between the playground and exercise equipment for better illumination Joe Diaz and Amanda Ross (a work order has been submitted)

o Forestry was able to conduct some tree pruning, however, the work is not complete. A work order has been created for more extensive tree trimming (WO#201811579) with the goal of completing the work in the next week. The Forestry work is being coordinated with Joe Diaz.

o Additional information regarding the lighting progress will be provided next week.

· Review illumination and make adjustments to the light once the tree has been trimmed

o In addition to the hardware improvements, the settings for the solar lights are being adjusted to increase light intensity when activated by a motion sensor.Some of the live oak branches have been trimmed to allow for better light distribution.

· Increase signage within the Park to allow for better enforcement of established ordinances Joe Diaz

o New signs have been added (see attached email w/pictures). This task is complete and APD have additional enforcement resources.

· Return the picnic table to be placed next to the playground under the tree Joe Diaz

o Completed.

· Schedule a “Leave No Trace” educational session to engage park users and provide information about responsible pet ownership and general environmental stewardship

o Park Rangers will provide Leave No Trace/Responsible Pet Ownership at least four evenings (between 5:30 and 8:30) between now and the end of August. The Ranger Team is working to adjust their current schedule to include the above programming.

· Schedule a community meeting to further discuss

o Playground equipment options to deter individuals from sleeping on the equipment

o Patrick Beyer met with the community members on 7/19/18. Based upon feedback there is a request to explore options to replace panels with netting. PARD Team Members will meet with the playground manufacture to determine options and report back to the community.

o Additional information regarding the playground progress will be provided next week.

o Dog Park considerations

o PARD Planning Staff does not support the development of off leash dog parks in existing neighborhood parks. The PARD experience is

§ Neighborhood parks are not large enough to support this function

§ Dog parks draw visitation from all areas of the city, increasing traffic and parking issues within neighborhoods

§ Dog parks in close proximity to schools create incompatibility issues that are difficult to overcome

§ Neighborhood parks are generally designed for walkability- therefore it is difficult to add adequate parking for dog park visitation

§ Off leash dog areas are generally found in Metro Parks, District Parks and in greenbelt areas where neighborhoods are less impacted, adequate parking is available .

Please expect another progress report email next week. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Best Regards-

Kimberly McNeeley, CPRP, Acting Director

Austin Parks and Recreation Department