Code Violations

Helpful Numbers:
  • Abandoned and Junk Vehicles: Austin Police Department, 280-0075
  • Blind Corners: Parks and Recreation, 440-5150
  • Board of Adjustments, 974-2686
  • Building without Permits: Building Inspections, 974-2747
  • Development Assistance Center, 974-6370
  • Landlord/Tenant Relations: Austin Tenants Council, 474-7006
  • Low-Hanging Tree Limbs: Solid Waste Services, 494-9400
  • Substandard Housing: Solid Waste Services, 974-1855
  • Yards and Vacant Lots: Solid Waste Services, 494-9400
  • Zoning Violations: Solid Waste Services, 974-6576

Code Compliance

City codes protect our health, safety, quality of life, and the quality of our neighborhood. If you suspect a code violation in our neighborhood, please report it to Code Enforcement by calling 3-1-1 or by  filing a complaint online. Once filed, a service request will be created for Code Enforcement and the matter will be investigated. If a problem reoccurs after having been corrected, please report the problem again.

Common Code Violations  

    * Adult-Oriented Businesses
    * Apartments/Rentals in Substandard Condition
    * Businesses and Industry
    * Construction or Remodeling without a Permit
    * Dangerous Structures
    * Fences
    * Fire Damaged Buildings
    * Garage Sales
    * Garbage Carts Left at the Curb
    * Illegal Dumping
    * Junk & Accumulated Rubbish
    * Mobile Vendor on Private Property
    * Number of People Living in a Residence
    * Running a Business from Home
    * Signs
    * Stagnant Water
    * Storage of Vehicles
    * Swimming Pools
    * Tree Limbs Blocking Right-of-Way
    * Weeds/Grass over 12 inches