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Western Nutrient Management Conference - 2005 Proceedings (Vol. 6) 

Salt Lake City, Utah

Table of Contents

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A New Fulcrum for Nutrient Management … Balancing on the Old Won’t Do
Paul Fixen

Nutrient Use Efficiency: Using Nutrient Budgets
Robert Mikkelsen

Nitrogen Fertilizer Technologies
A.D. Blaylock, J. Kaufmann, and R.D. Dowbenko

Reducing Over-Winter Nitrogen Loss
John Hart, Don Horneck, Dan Sullivan, and Neil Christensen

Nutrient Leaching Under Management Intensive Grazing
R.L. Miller, V. Thacker, and L. Petersen

A First Check of Nitrous Oxide Emissions under Cropping Systems Adapted for the Northern Great Plains
Richard Engel, Matt Dusenbury, Perry Miller, and Reynald Lemke

Managing Nitrogen for Profitable and Environmentally Safe Production of Forages: Old Challenge, New Ideas
Shabtai Bittman, Grant Kowalenko, and Tom Forge

Irrigation System Design and Management: Implications for Efficient Nutrient Use
Blaine Hanson

Irrigation Management Using Soil Moisture Monitors
Neal B. Christensen

Site-Specific Water and Nutrient Management in Potato
B.A. King and J.C. Stark

Water and Nutrient Distribution with Drip-Irrigated Wine Grapes
Robert G. Stevens, Joan R. Davenport, Kelly Whitley, and Jaimi Marden

Nitrogen Management with Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation
Clinton C. Shock

The Trials and Tribulations of Irrigating with Dairy Manure Water
Larry Schwankl, Carol Frate, and Stuart Pettygrove

Biofumigant Response to Residual and Applied Phosphorus
Brad Brown, Brad Geary, and Roger Gibson

Crop and Water Quality Responses to P Fertilizer Management
N.C. Hansen and G. Rehm

Phosphorus Availability with Alkaline/Calcareous Soil
Bryan Hopkins and Jason Ellsworth

Soil Fertility Differences in Diversified No-Till and Organic Rotations Following a 4-Year Transition
C.A. Jones and P.R. Miller

Nitrogen Dynamics in a Flooded Taro Soil Amended with Fish/Blood Meal
J. Deenik, J. Uchida, and J.A. Silva

P and K in Potatoes
Donald A. Horneck

Linking Manure Properties to Soil Phosphorus Solubility
April B. Leytem, Benjamin L. Turner, Victor Raboy, and Kevin L. Peterson

Pecan Leaf Nutrition Status
James Walworth, Gregory Sower, Andrew Pond, Michael Kilby, Richard Gibson, Robert Call, and Brad Lewis

Results from the Performance Assessment Program for Soil Testing Laboratories
Robert O. Miller

Spatial Distribution of Plant Nitrogen Uptake across Site-Specific Management Zones
R. Khosla, D. Inman, D.G. Westfall, and R. Reich

In-Season Variable Rate N in Potato and Barley Production Using Optical Sensing Instrumentation
Tom R. Bowen, Bryan G. Hopkins, Jason W. Ellsworth, Aaron G. Cook, and Stacy A. Funk

Pre-Season Variable Rate Nitrogen in Potatoes
Aaron Cook, Bryan Hopkins, Jason Ellsworth, Tom Bowen, and Stacy Funk

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties at the University of Wyoming Sustainable Agricultural Research and Extension Center
R.P.K. Belden, D.A. Claypool, and H.J. Farahani

Regulatory vs Agronomic Protection of Groundwater in New Mexico: A Case Study in Nutrient Management
Robert Flynn

Chloride Response of Pacific Northwest Spring and Winter Wheat Cultivars
Richard Koenig, Monica Allen, William Pan, Kim Garland Campbell, Ron Bolton, Kimberlee Kidwell, John Burns, and Brady Carter

Chloride Responses of Dryland Winter Wheat and Barley in Eastern Oregon
Steve Petrie

Zinc Fertilization of Dryland Wheat
L.K. Lutcher and S.E. Petrie

Correlation of Alternative Soil Extraction Methods to Responses of B Fertilized Alfalfa
A.K. Shiffler, V.D. Jolley, B.L. Webb, and V.A. Haby

Long Term Availability of Low Water Soluble Zinc Fertilizers
T.M. Shaver and D.G. Westfall

Zinc Sulfate Applied to Sugarbeet Using Broadcast, Seed-Placed and Foliar Methods
W. Bart Stevens and Abdel O. Mesbah

Long-Term Effects of Surface Applied Amendments in Reclamation of Sodic Soils
M.L. Lange, B.L. Webb, V.D. Jolley, and S.D. Nelson

Assessing and Managing Stratified Soil Acidity in Inland Northwest Direct-Seed Cropping Systems
Tabitha T. Brown, Richard T. Koenig, David R. Huggins, James B. Harsh, and Richard E. Rossi

Lime Recommendations for California
Robert O. Miller, Janice Kotuby-Amacher, Nat Dellavalle, and Chad Bethel

Nutrient Utilization and Effluent Clean-Up Potential of Tropical Forage Grasses
R.B. Valencia-Gica, R.S. Yost, V. Wilcox, and C.I. Evensen

The Application of Macadamia Nut Husk and Shell Mulch to Mature Macadamia Integrifolia to Improve Yields, Increase Nutrient Utilization, and Reduce Soil P Levels
Guy Porter, Russell Yost, and Mike Nagao

The iSNAP Project: A Regional Approach to Agricultural Professional Education
Mary Staben

Predicting Nitrogen Availability from Organic Amendments: Laboratory, Field and Computer Simulation
E.S. Gale, D.M. Sullivan, D. Hemphill, C.G. Cogger, A.I. Bary, and E.A. Myhre

The Importance of Soil Organic Matter in the Fertility of Organic Production Systems
William R. Horwath