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USPC 2015 Annual Meeting

posted Jan 26, 2015, 8:20 AM by wnePonyClub wnePonyClub
I once again had the pleasure of attending the USPC Annual Meeting January 22-25, this time in Arlington, VA, just minutes away from downtown DC.  Our region was also represented by Nina Gilbert, who was a member of the USPC National Youth Congress.  We can all look forward to a summary of her experience as well as some suggestions for us as a region.  We had a few WNE pony club members and another parent in attendance at the conference sessions as well.  I hope to convince them to share their experience attending the Annual Meeting with everyone at our Quiz Rally in April.  There were many great education sessions given by dynamic and knowledgable presenters, USPC leaders and industry experts.  A full briefing of the conference and the takeaways for our region will be available in a region wide virtual education meeting in February.  Keep an eye out for details in your email!!
Kerry Lambert,
RS, WNE Region