P.O. Box 132 Wilton, Maine 04294

Thank you for attending our 23rd annual Toy Run on Sept. 14th. 
We collected 409 toys, and 5,645.00 in cash and donations.
  We've collected 92,927.02 for the community in 23 years. 
Thanks to all that attended our Toy Run in 2019.  Please click on link for updates.  

Save the date September 12, 2020 our 24th Toy Run
         Rain or Shine.       
      This is a great event which benefits our entire community for the holidays. 
All toys distributed by the CAP agency stay in Maine.  See the attached link.

Beginning July 29th Monday - Thursday the railroad bed in Jay will be closed to all ATV's, pedestrians and horses. Wilton and Farmington remain open. Work is being done and trees are being cut.

   Brettun's trails are closed due to hunting season.
  RESPECT LANDOWNERS and stay off all trails!  Abuse it and lose it! 

The Whistle Stop Trail consists of a 35 mile trail system.  The railroad bed is an easy ride extending from Jay to Farmington.  Other trails continue on Verso Paper land, the Cornelio Road, powerline trails and a loop in North Jay.  We have beautiful scenic areas with waterfalls and mountain views. 
Each year we have our "Annual Whistle Stop Trail" ATV Ride on the second Saturday in September, (see link for details).  A special thank you to everyone who attended for making it a success. 

A subject from China (Maine) has been charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle on an ATV Trail for allegedly "mudding" with his pickup on an ATV trail in Wellington. Ranger Ben Goodwin said that the man was allegedly driving his truck on the trail and did cause significant damage to the property. Ranger Goodwin said that the truck then became stuck causing further damage. He added that there was a sign posted at the entrance to the trail which said, "Respect Landowners. Stay on Marked Trail. Use of This Trail is a Privilege, Not a Right."
Ranger Goodwin estimates the damage to be in excess of $500. He said that he will be requesting this in restitution along with a fine of up to $500.