Band Training

I use bands quite often in my training and in the training of athletes

I recently picked up a long Power Band from Rick at Australian Kettlebells and headed down to the local oval to try out a couple of drills.  I loaded the 94 Magna with a sledge, tyre, kettlebell, sandbag and a harness. I was a little disappointed because it began to rain just i was ready to head off and i had planned to train on the grass. Footy boots were a late addition

Theres no shortage of attachement points and today i used some of the fences at the cattle yard.  I find its best to tie the band on to the rail rather than loop it through otherwise you lose to much of the band. Theres also a bit of hard ground here so i didnt have to worry about slipping on grass.


Attached the harness hooked the band up and away i went

First up just 4 x sprint as far as possible
Then run and pick up kettlebell and place it a little further away , jog back and repeat x 4

Onto the sandbag (approx 25kg in weight)
1 x 4 x run & pick up/throw
3 x4 x run & clean & press
3 x 4 L/R run-lunge press
1 x 4 L/R Split jump

Now for the tyre, unfortunately i was unable to get the big tyre into the back of the car so the small tractor tyre had to do

3 x 4 run tyre flip and drag it back to starting point
3 x 10 L/R tyre on sledge - the pull of the band made this a tough drill. My trunk got smoked as i swung the sledge and tried to maintain balance against the pull of the band
2 x 10 L/R stand on tyre and hit with sledge. It was even harder to maintain balance with this drill. The tyre gave quite a bit under my weight so it provided an unstable base whislt swinging the sledge and bracing against the band

Then loaded up the tyre with the sandbag and ran at it hard and drove it forward as far as possible with the band providing heaps of resistance (this would be better with the band on a lower rail)

Finished with 3 x 10 just jumping on and off the tyre and 30 step ups with feet moving as quickly as possible

Excellent workout....oh rested about 1 - 2 minutes between sets etc

Following are some links to band exercises