ANZAC Day Hill Run

The local area presents with heaps of opportunities to run up some bloody steep hills. Every April i attack the biggest hill behind my home town, culminating in my own little tribute to the ANZACS on Anzac Day, when i try and break my PB. As i run up that hill and the pain starts to kick in i remind myself that my run is really easy, theres no one shooting at me and i dont have to carry a pack

The Hill

This year i think i may have peaked 4 days early as this morning (21st April, 2009) i screamed up that hill knocking 19 seconds off my PB so i now have the task of bettering 12:42 this Saturday

Generally at this time of year, and its one of the reasons i really enjoy this run, the hill has just started to turn green. Summer has finished and we have had some rainfall to freshen the place up and bring out local flaura and fauna. This year though we've had no rain and there is very little life other than bullants, a few roos, actually the roos are coming down from the hills toward town in search of food, and a couple of wedge tailed eagles..oh and the 6 foot tiger snake whose path i crossed today. Normally the cows are also grazing which tends to add to the thrill of the run...i dont trust cows theyve got that crazy look in their bull.

To give an idea of how dry it is following are some photos taken on todays run


Update from the 25th April - new PB 12:10!

2010 Hill Run

Trainings have been a little hit n miss this year so it was deemed appropriate to change things a little this year. An 18kg vest was worn this year and this is the new norm

Weve had early rains in South Western Australia this year so unlike last year, when conditions were extremely dry, this year theres heaps of green about. This morning there was a smoke haze due to some local burn offs and this added to the run

Had to dodge a few cows, startled a few roos and had to alter the course of the run a little to avoid some of those crazy cows. Got to the top in 14:52

Lest We Forget