The Mace

The Mace

The mace is an awesome strength and conditioning tool, enhancing
  • upper body strength and power
  • ability to absorb rotational forces
  • range of motion and stability of the shoulder joint
  • core strength
  • a fighters ability to maintain an effective base
  • ability to withstand force being applied from various directions
The mace can be used as a stand alone tool or thrown into circuit style training sessions

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Mace Drills for Fighters

 In the video a stronger grip mace is being used. These maces are an outstanding product, hand made by Ryan Pitts of Strongergrip.

The Strongergrip mace is loadable and when you start loading the mace its a whole new ball game. Working against the shifting weight within the globe requires stability and application of core strength

A few purchases have been made from Ryan and we have found his products to be of exceptional quality which is matched by his customer service. You can check out the stronger grip range of strength equipment here

Mace Swing and Lunge

Mace Anti Rotation

Getting Heavier With the Mace.
The swings below are at around 16kg or 35lb

16kg Mace Swing